January 17, 2019

Information about iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Wing Reflector Set:

Sometimes, it is the overall cost of setting up a nice indoor garden that stops people from actually doing so. Individually, you could look at each part of the total system and see that it does not seem to cost a lot, but when you add it all up, the indoor growing tent, fans, and several others equipment and tools you need, it becomes expensive.

So, in order for one to finally have a dream indoor garden, the only way for that to happen is to go cheap. The idea of going cheap is that they may not have the best of everything, but they have something to get started with. Furthermore, there are also others who are not sure if growing plants indoor is something they would do on a consistent basis, so rather than spending a lot of money for the initial set up, they figured it is best to begin with a cheaper set up to test the water, so to speak.

Take for instance the indoor grow light system. Everyone is talking about how using high-pressure sodium (HPS) + metal hydride (MH) bulbs is better than LED grow lights. But they are among the more expensive parts of an indoor garden. Either they could afford one or forget to have an indoor garden.

Having an indoor garden to grow those wonderful plants, those herbs, fruits and vegetables, or even your favorite cannabis strain does not have to be crushed because of inability to afford one of those super expensive HPS + MH grow light systems. One such solution is the lighting manufactured and sold by iPower Lighting through Amazon.

iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Wing Reflector Set

iPower HPS + MH_Grow_Light

This is a basic set up that includes a super high pressure sodium bulb (2,100K), a metal hydride bulb (6,400K), a dimmable electronic ballast (with 50%, 75%, and 100% adjustable power settings, 110-240V), and a wing reflector. There are three wattages to choose from, 400 watts (GLSETX400DHMWING), 600 watts (GLSETX600DHMWING), and 1,000 watts (GLSETX1000DHMWING).

This particular model of HPS + MH grow light system comes with a wing reflector. They have other models that use an air-cooled reflector, and another one that uses a cool tube. Compared to the others, wing reflectors offer a better coverage area at the expense of controlling the temperature, but it is also the cheapest of the three types of reflectors.

The HPS + MH grow light system with wing reflector is the company’s top-selling grow light kit. iPower Lighting, a manufacturer in China, is also known for manufacturing other equipment and tools for gardening, hydroponics, irrigation, climate control, and structures including indoor growing tents.

Because this is a Chinese company, with a warehouse located in the United States, its ability to offer you the same service as you might have come to expect from an American company may slightly be different. In other words, the customer service experience might require a little more effort on your part. Having said that, the company has delivered in terms of fulfilling its service commitment. To be clear, it appears iPower Lighting was offering a 2-year warranty several years ago, but it is now 1-year warranty.


Unfortunately, and this is quite frustrating, a lot of things could go wrong with electronics and sensitive equipment and tools. While we expect the manufacturer to ensure that the products they send out to Amazon for shipping to customers should be free of defects, it does happen. Although the vast majority of customers are happy with the product, there have been complaints in the past on defective units or units breaking down after the one-month return policy expires.


During shipping, packages and boxes could get banged up. For that reason, some damages might be incurred. That is why before you start installing, check everything to ensure all appear to be free of damage. Even so, there might be damages you could not see visually. At any rate, the manufacturer would be more than willing to replace, as they have continued to do so with all other similar issues.


Watch out for the heat generated by the grow light system. For one, HPS lighting generates a lot of heat, and so do the ballast. Another is that the wing reflector is an open system. Ensure that you have a well-ventilated area, especially if you are using an indoor grow tent.

Quality of iPower HPS + MH Grow Light Kit System with Wing Reflector Set

Grow Light Kit System

Among the top HPS or HPS + MH grow light systems, this specific model is among the top-rated in terms of net customer satisfaction, and it is also the cheapest. Because of the pricing, it does come at a cost to its quality.

For instance, the wing reflector is very thin and might get damaged during transit, or even while you are installing it. So, knowing that, you should be extra careful and gentle in handling it with care. During installation, watch out for any signs of poorly attached wirings. The ability of Chinese manufacturers to mass produce is mind-boggling, but the rapid production sometimes results in poorly assembled products.

In the past, there have been complaints about the amount of RF interference the ballast generates. While we were checking the customer feedbacks, there were 3 reports, with the last one filed a year ago. Too much interference is a problem, so what you might also want to do it to contact the manufacturer about that before purchasing.

Pass or Buy iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Wing Reflector Set?

Buy iPower HPS + MH

Because it is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it will not work. Sure, it will work, but what you cannot be sure of is how long it lasts until it becomes usable. iPower Lighting is offering a 1-year warranty on this unit, so this is how long it would last.

With that in mind, you only need to ask yourself. Are you willing to spend your hard-earned money on one of the cheapest HPS + MH grow light system?

For those who are trying out an indoor garden, perhaps this would suffice. And for those who really cannot afford to spend more, then you really have no choice. Buy your iPower HPS here!


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