January 14, 2019

When I used to buy weed from a dealer many moons ago, I had this hookup that would pull out five very similar types of weed and explain to me how this strain was so much more dank than this strain because it had x amounts of THC, and strain B had a lower THC content. As he spoke my eyes would generally glaze over and I would wait for him to ask me for my money.

Then, things changed when I began reading more about growing and visiting dispensaries for all my needs. Suddenly things like THC content and the subtle differences between different strains. As it turns out, that is all meaningless, as a new study points out.

The new study, conducted by the University of British Columbia (UBC) at Okanaga, shows that cannabis strains have nearly identical THC and CBD levels, despite the different names and stats. Susan Murch, who teaches chemistry at UBC Okanaga, said that she wanted to find the meanings behind the different classifications of marijuana strains. In other words, she wanted to find out what makes dank, well, dank.

“It is estimated that there are several hundred or perhaps thousands of strains of cannabis currently being cultivated,” she said. “We wanted to know how different they truly are, given the variety of unique and exotic names.” According to Murch and her team, this type of research is possible because now, thanks to the legal market, people are “formally breeding” cannabis plants, making it easier to track the chemical; composition of each plant.

Image Source: Reddit

This Does Not Mean All Strains are the Same

This does not mean that all cannabis strains are created equal. Far from it. Among some of the other results that Murch and her team found is that there exist a number of cannabinoids, that up until then were undiscovered. These are responsible for many of the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between strains.

So, don’t go around thinking that this means there is no such thing as actual dank weed; let’s just say that all weed is dank weed.

What else will we discover about these terpenes?

Source: phys.org

Featured Image Source: weedshome.com

Got anything to add? As a grower do you agree with these findings? Tell us in the comments below!

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