January 14, 2019

Enforcement by the Department of Justice may finally be reviewed for good.

It was last Wednesday when Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to the US attorneys. The memo revealed that a new task force will be formed for the reduction in crime. The primal reason of establishing this task force is to review the cannabis laws that have been enforced by the Department of Justice. These enforcements are, however, only a part of what will be reviewed. Furthermore, the memo also stated that it will issue its recommendations report by the mid of this year, specifically by the 27th of July, 2017.

The recipient of the memo also included federal prosecutors. Jeff Sessions also said that there will be a wide range of issues that the subcommittees of the established task force will be focusing on.

These issues will include developing strategies for the reduction in violent crimes, evaluating the current sentencing policies and updating them, barring illegal immigrants from flooding in, impeding human trafficking, and combating the elevated hate crimes among several others. The evaluation of cannabis enforcement policy is only a part of what this committee and its subcommittees will focus on.

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It is, however, still not unveiled as to how many members will be put on this task force, neither has Sessions revealed if the allotted members will secure positions inside the government or outside of it.

In the memo, Jeff explicitly talked about marijuana and said that this task force will,

“Review existing policies in the areas of charging, sentencing, and marijuana to ensure consistency with the department’s overall strategy on reducing violent crime and with administration goals and priorities.”

This seems to say that only subcommittees that will appropriately charge and sentence cannabis will have the drug included in it. In other words, if a subcommittee looks forward to properly charge and sentence this drug, only then will it be included in that subcommittee.

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This statement, among several others of the sort, has been a perplexing issue as it takes the certainty out of everything, particularly the cannabis industry. The fact that Jeff Sessions has long advocated the federal prohibition of the drug adds to the confusion. The future of medical marijuana industry seems quite hazy.

It was only this February that Jeff made his comments about the cannabis industry, stating that most violent crimes revolve around this drug which is why he would prefer the Department of Justice to opt for policies that are more responsible regarding the use of marijuana.

As a lot of people have come to think of it, this task force for the reduction in violent crime is not specifically designed to assist the federal cannabis laws or their enforcement by any means. It will be recommending strategies that will help strengthen the department’s strategies related to violent crimes as a whole. Jeff also emphasized that the Department of Justice should focus on protecting the civil rights of each and every US citizen regardless of race, gender, color or any other discrimination. He said that the Hate Crimes Subcommittee of the task force will,

“Develop a plan to appropriately address hate crimes and better protect the rights of all Americans.”

While the task force seems to be for the better, it has raised concerns in the medical cannabis industry.


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