January 17, 2019

Cannabis plants have varying requirements, Similar to its nutrient needs during different growth stages, it also has unique lighting demands per growth stage to maximize development. With its ability to switch between two spectrums, Kassel H380 takes spectrum-specific lighting to the next level.

The Extreme Purple spectrum targets on the vegetative phase to enable plants to flourish with lush, thick growth. On the other hand, the Extreme Magenta spectrum drives plants to increase the quantity and quality of yield during the bloom stage.

This full spectrum light with the addition of UV chips further enhances its features.

Light Spectrum

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow LightEnergy is emitted by the sun in solar radiation, in forms of x-rays, gamma rays, visible lights, ultraviolet lights, and even radio waves. Only because the ozone layer blocks these radiations and tosses most of it back into the space that life on earth becomes possible.

This process of filtering permits a wavelength range of only 300 nm to 1100 nm to reach the plants. An even smaller scope is visible to humans, ranging from 380 nm to around 750 nm and this is commonly referred to as color, light or visible spectrum.

180-280 nm: UVC

  • Extremely harmful; Almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer.

280-315 nm: UVB

  • Cause of sunburn to humans and suspected to increase THC levels in cannabis plants.

315-400 nm: UVA

  • Commonly known as black light; Not absorbed by the atmosphere.

380-750 nm: The visible light spectrum

  • Visible colors represented by bands of wavelengths.

700nm-1mm: Infrared light

  • Noticeable as heat on human skin but not visible above 750 nm.

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How Light Spectrum Affects Cannabis Growth

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow LightAll living organisms need the power to react to environmental changes and to get a slight advantage over another member of its species despite natural evolution and selection. Interesting enough, cannabis crops receives a lot of its power from the type of light its exposed to. It reacts almost instantly to a different band of wavelengths.

Blue light (range: 400 – 500 nm; ideal: 460 nm)

Suitable for Vegetative Stage; for healthy leaves.

It is recommended to aim for as many leaves as possible during this stage. This is to ensure plants stay compact, don’t stretch too much, and strong stems get developed. To achieve these goals, indoor cultivators typically use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s), metal halide bulbs, or T5/T8 lighting fixtures with a blue band of light for the first few weeks.

The high angle of the sun, when crops are grown in nature during spring and summer, enables more blue wavelengths to penetrate through the atmosphere. This spectrum color encourages plants to grow large, strong and healthy leaves.

Red light (range: 620 – 780 nm; ideal: 660 nm)

Appropriate for Flowering Period; for giant buds.

Exposing the plants to a light spectrum that is mostly red wavelengths once it enters flowering, promotes budding and highest yields are achieved. When crops are subjected to red wavelengths 60 nm the rate of photosynthesis peaks.

Choosing a lighting solution spectrum with a high degree of red remains the best way for growers to duplicate the shallow angle of the sun during late summer and autumn.

UV lights for increased THC levels

Some experts suspect that ultraviolet light, particularly a high exposure to UVB wavelengths (280 – 315 nm), is responsible for an increased THC production. Hence, cannabis strains that originated from landraces, which naturally go in high altitude regions, are arguably often the most potent ones.

This theory is based on the fact that a high elevation leads to a higher exposure to ultraviolet rays since there is a lesser atmosphere between cannabis plants and the sun. these UV wavelengths are known to damage human skin and the body protects itself by producing melanin and cannabis crops assumingly does something similar for protection. In this case, it produces more THC and resin as a form of natural sunscreen.

As there is a limited amount of study to confirm this theory, it is too early to confirm solidity. However, this concept seems plausible enough for hands-on experiments for a cost-effective method to grow better cannabis.
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Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow LightThe Kessil H380 Spectrum with tune-able switch removes the hassle of getting separate set of lights for grow and bloom stages of cannabis. It is an innovative new grow light that builds off of the success of the H350 line with the addition of Kessil Logic and with even more output. While simplifying the entire growth cycle, this grow light increases efficiency. Its available at Growers House for $349.99.

Brilliant new innovations in optical design accompany the spectral advances of this lamp. The penetration of the light beam through the canopy is maximized by its cutting-edge reflector, and a special top-quality lens ensures very minimal light loss.


  • Full-spectrum light
  • UV chips
  • Two spectrums
  • Extreme Purple for grow
  • Extreme Magenta for bloom
  • Dense Matrix LED technology
  • Advanced thermal management


  • No assembly required, simple and easy to use
  • Runs with a cool temperature
  • Money and energy savings
  • During the vegetative phase, it promotes strong, lush plant growth
  • During the flowering phase, it increases the quantity and quality of yield
  • Excellent color mixing for even growth

Package Inclusions:

  • x H380 light
  • x Power supply
  • x Power cord
  • x Extension cord
  • x Screw hook
  • x Fastener
  • x User manual

Technical Specs:

  • Power Supply: 100-240V AC (Input), 19V DC, 4.74A (Output)
  • Dimensions: 3.6in x 4in / 4.5in x 4in (Length x Diameter)
  • Power Consumption: 90W MAX
  • Dimensions: 3.6in x 4in / 4.5in x 4in (Length x Diameter)
  • Watts: 250w
  • Amps: 4.74A

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