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September 25, 2019

Le Silver Royale is a Sativa-leaning strain that boasts 20% to 21% THC. Its effects are immediate, uplifting, and energizing. More importantly, it is not overwhelming in spite of its potency. Apart from providing a recreational high, it could also be a suitable therapeutic aid. Its calming head and body high provide relief to a myriad of maladies.

A three-way cross, it boasts the traits of the following:

Green Crack. This Sativa is an impressive wake-and-bake companion. It raises focus and awakes the senses with its fruity mango flavors. Its soothing buzz, on the other hand, appeases fatigue caused by stress.

Green Queen. Delivering a spacey high, Green Queen boosts the mental and physical faculties. In spite of its intensity, it does overwhelm or overstimulate users with its potency.

Super Silver Haze. The three-time award winner is a highly sought-after strain. It delivers an energizing high that invigorates users thoroughly. Its uplifting effects work wonderfully against high-stress levels and a lack of appetite.

Information About Le Silver Royale Strain

ORIGINGreen Crack, Green Queen, and Super Silver Haze
EFFECTSUplifted – 10
Happy – 6
Relaxed – 6
Euphoric – 6
Energetic – 4
FRAGRANCEDank, cheese, skunk, fruity, woody
FLAVORSCheesy, skunk, dank, woody, pine, earthy
MEDICALStress – 10
Depression – 8
Pain – 2
THC CONTENT %20 to 21%
CBD %Unknown
INDOOR YIELD12 to 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD16 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATEMediterranean and temperate climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Le Silver Royale delivers a quick-acting euphoria in just a few hits. It leaves users feeling happy, smacking away the problems that occupy the mind. In its place, there is a subtle but powerful calm that lasts throughout the day, so users stay clearheaded.

Le Silver Royale Strain Effects
Le Silver Royale Strain Effects – Image powered by

Casual users may find that it aids in productivity. Without distracting worries, one could focus clearly on tasks to be done. Moreover, the upbeat disposition reinforces positive thoughts that will keep users optimistic while working.

Regardless of the hours that pass, users not tire. Le Silver Royale supplies a continues rush of energy that keeps one alert and on their feet. Its soothing buzz kneads the muscles too, thereby ensuring a deep relaxation.

It is best used in the morning in place of coffee. It induces the same liveliness, while also enhancing one’s zest for life. Be careful though, it is possible to feel a little overwhelmed by the strain.

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Le Silver Royale is a dank strain with buds that emit a strong cheese aroma. There are undertones of skunk, fruit, and wood that reveal itself when the buds are either broken apart or combusted.


In the palate, Le Silver Royale’s cheesy flavors take over. Enhancing it are hints of skunk that coat the palate with a dank flavor. On the exhale, however, it is balanced out by an aftertaste of woody pine and damp earth.

Adverse reactions

Dry eyes are a common side effect. It is the result of cannabinoids that interfere with moisture production. Along with it is a cottonmouth. Both are mild and easily manageable with hydration but may last for hours at a time.


Stress relief is a major reason that users cite when asked regarding cannabis use. For good reason, too. The herb has uplifting qualities that melt away worries before it snowballs into an overwhelming dread. It can also enhance the mood. In this regard, Le Silver Royale works perfectly.

Le Silver Royale Strain Medical
Le Silver Royale Strain Medical – Image powered by

It could also be used as an anti-depressant. After all, depression and other health issues like anxiety or PTSD share some symptoms with and exacerbated by chronic stress such as hopelessness, cynicism, and self-depreciating thoughts. With its calming euphoria, Le Silver Royale helps manage the stated conditions.

Apart from a cerebral uplift, Le Silver Royale also has high levels of THC that could double as an analgesic. It helps reduce pain and aches all over the body with its analgesic properties. Meanwhile, the surge in energy can refill one’s sense of purpose.


Le Silver Royale is a typical Sativa strain. It stretches a lot during the flowering phase with its stalks moving toward the light. Its height is not much of a problem, but it can sometimes diminish the light being absorbed in the lower nodes. In this regard, growers may apply a variety of techniques.

Le Silver Royale Strain Growing
Le Silver Royale Strain Growing

The Screen of Green comes to mind. This method encourages lateral, instead of vertical, growth. It requires situating a screen above the current canopy then weaving the branches into it. It also brings up the lower nodes so that light distribution is even. Growers may top it with another approach called Topping. It will also keep the plant short and, by removing the tops, it encourages the growth of multiple colas.

Easy to grow, Le Silver Royale thrives just about anywhere. If cultivated indoors, a typical grow tent or grow room usually suffices but provisions could be made ahead of time to accommodate setups. As it hits the flowering period, growers may want to change into 600-watt HID lights as well. Either HPS or LED will do. The high intensity aids in bud production.

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Cultivating it outdoors is also possible. It has above average resistance to many common pests and diseases such as mold or mildew. Moreover, the access to natural sunlight boosts its growth. Growers may sow the seeds in pots so it is easier to move indoors in case of harsh weather such as heavy rains which may topple the strain or kill it overnight in the case of frost.

Flowering Time

It takes about 8 to 10 weeks for Le Silver Royale to fully flower. Once mature, growers can expect at least 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter at harvest.

Relatively sturdy, this Sativa can survive the cold weather of the northern hemisphere. Mature flowers usually show up around the second to the last week of October. It produces at least 16 ounces of buds per plant at chop down.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Le Silver Royale? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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