May 30, 2018

Knowing how to grow cannabis never happens overnight, it takes years and years of practice to do so. It is one of those hobbies where you learn as you go. Of course, that goes without saying that there is more than quite a bit of research involved to reach optimal yield.

While it seems daunting in the beginning, setting out and cultivating plants is the best way to learn. For example, one of the things growers need to know includes the growth rate of seeds. It is especially important when growing different strains at the same time.

In caring for the plants, being observant is also a key to preventing possible problems. Any deviation or slight change could be a prelude to something bad. Early detection, in such cases, allows for a solution to be applied.

Sconi is not that new to growing but since this activity is illegal in his state, he had to stop. Now, 10 years later, the state of Massachusetts has given him the door to cultivate once again – with some provisions. To celebrate, he grew four different strains under one net.

This journal would record everything that Sconi did in order to have a successful grow.

Grower: Sconi
Seeds: ILGM’s Purple Haze, Gold Leaf, White Widow and Bubble Gum
Yield: 14.6 ounces

Location: Massachusetts, USA These are the things he used in this grow:

  • (2) White Widows
  • (2) Purple Hazes
  • (2) Bubble Gums
  • (2) Gold Leaves
  • 4 x 4 tent
  • T5
  • California Light Works Solar System 550
  • Rapid rooter plugs
  • Hot5 Lights
  • (3) fans
  • Tubes
  • Gardening Staples
  • Bottles
  • Happy Soil
  • GO Box Nutrients by General Organics
  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest
  • General Organic Bio- Grow, Root, Weed, Marine
  • Calcium-Magnesium


From December 21- February 21, we will see what Sconi did to keep them healthy and strong for flowering.

December 21

Sconi prepared some seeds in a 4 x 4 feet tent. For this grow, he is aiming to have six plants. However, anticipating that there might be a problem, he decided to germinate eight seeds:

  • (2) White Widow
  • (2) Purple Haze
  • (2) Bubble Gum
  • (2) Gold Leaf

All these are feminized seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM).

To germinate the seeds, he first soaked them overnight in plain tap water. The next morning, he placed the seeds directly in the rapid rooter plugs which he also soaked together with the seeds. Then, he set all these in a seedling tray and used a piece of the plugs to cover the seeds. This will make sure that light would not reach the seeds.


He will be using T5’s for the seedlings and then place them under one California Light Works Solar System 550. With all that ready, he is set to launch into a full-on growing mode.

December 23

Two days later, some sprouts are already working their way up. A Gold Leaf and a Bubble Gum were the first ones to peek.


December 24

He must have had his Christmas early because today, on Christmas Eve, all seeds have sprouted.


December 26

Despite the fact that the growth of his sprouts is fast, it comes with a price. They are tall yet thin, which means they might bend if more leaves come to life. So, Sconi needed to find a solution.

So he brought his HOT5 lights from four inches down to two inches above the plants. It can help the plants grow taller and stronger at the same time. Meanwhile, his move made the temperature inside the tent rise. So he placed a fan inside the tent and turned it on to the lowest setting to whisk some of the warm air away.


December 27

By the end of the 6th day, roots are already popping out of the rapid rooters. So, it was time to transfer them into soil. He transplanted the rapid rooters into 3-gallon pots with soil.


To give the sprouts some time to adjust, he used Happy Frog soil instead of Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest (FFOF). He first thought of using FFOF but a lot of his co-growers are against using it for the sprouts because it can be a little bit strong for them.

January 11

19 days since they have sprouted and they already have a few deck of leaves. It may all be thanks to Sconi topping them a little bit early. The plants seem to love it though.


Also, he started them off on a gentle mix of nutrients already. Mixing a little bit of General Organic Bio- Grow, Root, Weed, Marine and Calcium-Magnesium with water, he gave it to the plants.


From Left to Right: White Widows, Bubble Gums, Gold Leaves and Purple Hazes

He also added a heating mat with thermostat under the tray to keep the temperature inside the tent from rising. The plants had to be kept under a dome to keep the temperature from affecting them. Although in a few days, he will be transplanting the plants in to 5-gallon pots with FFOF so that won’t be too much of a problem.

January 19

One week later, the gals have been re-potted in 5-gallon fabric pots. Actually, he could transferred them a little bit earlier but he is waiting for his Akos and Mykos (supplements) to arrive. Yet, they are still not here.


Anyway, everything still worked out well. In fact, the roots of the plants have started forming.



Oh and by the way, he knows that one plant does not look that well on the picture.


The one on the top left most, yeah? That is a Gold Leaf plant. Not to worry, it perked back up right after he gave it some water. All the re-potting must have been stressful, that’s why it withered.

January 22

Re-potting the plants stressed the plants out. They have been needing more and more water ever since they transferred to their new homes. Sconi switched their water from filtered to tap which did not sit well with the ladies. Upon checking, the pH water was actually high (8). So, he flushed them with filtered water with level 5 pH. Next, he flushed with tap water until the pH level of the runoff is at 6.

The plants may also still be adjusting to their new soil. He is now using Fox Farm’s Ocean Fresh with a little bit of Happy Frog, so there may be a lot of nutrient in the new soil. This causes the pH level to go a little berserk for now.

Well, he did something for a safety measure. He raised the lights to about 32 inches from the plants. Hopefully, all these would work out well for Sconi and his ladies.



January 23

36 hours have already passed since he re-adjusted the pH level of the water in the soil. Everything seems okay for now and new leaves are coming up. They are even looking brighter and lighter so far.


January 26

Day 33 and they look healthier. He was able to figure out what was causing him problems. It was the change from filtered to tap water that locked some nutrients in the roots and stems. Lucky for him, it is all cleared out now.

Time for him to move on and do what he needs to keep the plants healthy and strong. First step would be to give some plants some kind of low-stress training.

Low-stress training (LST) increases a plant’s yield usually by bending stems then tying them. This ensures that even the lower branches get adequate light to help them produce colas, too.

First one up is this White Widow. This one seems to be the perfect if he’s going to scrog them up. Its shortness and bushiness makes it the right choice if ever he is going to scrog. So, Sconi bent and tied this lady up to train her.




January 28

A little update on his training on the ladies. It did them well, we mean they look taller and healthier. The leaves are perfect and none of them look lanky anymore.


What’s more is he’s not yet done with keeping his plants happy and healthy. Next up on his list is a watering system especially for the plants in the back row. His space is very limited and he is thinking of turning this into a scrog grow. Plus, no back doors or side doors meaning it would be hard for him to access the plants in the back row. So, a watering system is a must for him.


Here is a closer look at what he did. First, he drilled a lot of small holes on a tube, this is will serve as the drip ring. He is also using some gardening staples that keeps his drip ring off the soil.


He then joined this to a tube that is then connected to his DIY funnel.


January 31

So far, so good. Sconi’s plants are looking wonderful. His DIY watering system went so good that he’s thinking of doing the same thing to the front row ladies. It gives him a slower yet evenly dispersed water to his plants each time.


Well, aside from that there are also some more things that helped him along the way. The fact that he topped them early gave the girls a chance to catch more light. Next, his wonderful LST technique had let light shine upon the lower branches more. Now, he has wonderful and bushy plants ready for scrogging.

February 7

“Patience, patience, patience” has been Sconi’s mantra all throughout his grow. And now, 47 days in since he started his seeds, look where it has gotten him and his plants.


Few more feedings, some more training and a little more topping and his babies would be ready for flowering.

February 10

He got some monster plants growing around here. In fact, they do not fit in the framework he made for his screen. He’s ready to top them more and give them a last round of training and topping. This will make them bigger and this grow more exciting.


First things first, super cropped a few branches of the plants then topped a few nodes from their secondary branches. These are the branches that are just below the main cola. Next of course, comes the bending and tying of the branches. In short, the LST of the plants.

All plants them received some kind of low-stress training Although, this Bubble Gum plant was a product of a failed fim. The dominant main stem was still there, along with some tall branches. This time, he made sure to bend and pinch the main stem to super crop it.

This is the Bubble Gum plant before training:


Here it is during its low stress training:


Then again, it recovered wonderfully:


Next, this Purple Haze shows the exact example of having two main colas as well as two secondary colas. According to Sconi, these are the result of him topping the plants early. It is definitely a win, right?


It also shows that with proper LST, more bud sites would be able to grow if they receive more light.


Last step, he added some drip rings and funnels for the front row plants as well.


February 20

Less than two weeks later, he already has a jungle growing in his tent. He is ready to put them under a tent and flower them soon.



Now comes the exciting part, flowering. We will see how Sconi encountered a lot of problems yet was able to overcome them all.

February 21

Scrogging and flowering begins today. They have grown so much overnight that they look like they’re going to pop out the screen son. Although, there is a bit of a problem. One Purple Haze developed some spots and another White Widow has some discoloration.

Here is the Purple Haze with some kind of leaf spot. According to his research, he should get that out of there.


Although the White Widows look fine.


February 23

Out went the Purple Haze and in came his back up White Widow in to the tent. He also improved the air circulation inside the tent by adding two more fans. Next, he also trimmed the stems under the canopy.


Here is a closer look at the White Widow. He had to stretch it out a bit for it to fit under the net.


March 2

Long-time no post, Sconi. So far, he did a sulfur burn in the tent a few days back. What he did was, he got a sulfur vaporizer and sulfur prills and smoked the plants away. He is hoping that it will help with humidity since he is still having some problem with it. Even his small humidifier does so little for the plants.

Sulfur burning or vaporizing is a common method that help stop some fungus that might grow on the plant.

They have been in flowering for a week already and aside from the humidity issue, everything is working out well. He also did some training for them since they are now under the net.


March 7

More cleaning up under the canopy and another sulfur treatment and wow, he just created his very own jungle.


March 12

The buds are finally here. In fact, they are already looking very frosty.


March 17

Uh oh, buds do not mean the end of the problems for Sconi. Now, some of his leaves started showing some yellowing as well as some red tips. He has been using GO Box Nutrients by General Organics although he is suspecting his water. The tap water he is using may have built up some salt in the soil, so he will be switching to distilled water for now.


March 25

He still has some yellowing on the tips. He is suspecting some nutrients lockout, which resulted to the discoloration. So, as a first-aid, he watered them with only distilled water that has been pH’d to 6.6. He added a bit of calcium-magnesium (cal-mag) to the mix.


Okay, he is now realizing that the cal-mag should have been a no-no. It has the possibility to add to the nutrients stuck in the soil.

April 1

At long last, he now has the TDS meter reading or the ppm level of his plants. The first runoff soared to about 2400, this is too high considering that the ideal is only at 400. So, good thing he thought of flushing them with plain water only until the run off lowered to the ideal ppm level.

Here are how the plants look like a few days after he flushed:


Not that good, but at least he still has some buds growing there.

April 5

Flowering day 35 today for Sconi’s ladies. He already removed the dead plants and that seemed to help a little. They look a little dead but no, they’re not, and it’s only the leaves. His buds are still looking swell, so no problem for Sconi.




May 8

It has been a long time since he has updated his journal. A lot has happened and one very important thing that we almost missed. He already harvested the plants. No actual weight yet because he is still waiting for them to dry up. Although so far, the Bubble Gum and White Widow gave him the highest yield.

Look at these big buds from his Bubble Gum:



Meanwhile the White Widow’s buds are not that far behind:


May 16

It’s time for his final weigh in. In total, all six plants got a total of 14.56 ounces. Two Bubble Gum plants have the highest yield at 5.22 oz while the sole Gold Leaf plant got the lowest at 2.4 ounces.


Patience Is a Virtue

Cultivating cannabis at home is not easy task. Especially if the grower stops doing it for a long time. It would mean that he has to learn the basics of growing all over again. Mastering those is a different category all together. Now, imagine trying to grow not one, but four kinds of weeds in one go. This is after you have stopped growing altogether.

Each strain has a different growing rate as well as different needs. The grower needs to adjust to what the plants want every time. He also has to be able to pack a lot of patience each time he tries to grow something.

Growing takes a lot of time each day. The plants are like babies that need to be fed and kept healthy too. It would take months and months until there would be some yield that he can enjoy. A lot of problems would come and he needs to take each one as they happen. The results would also require time and patience.

Sconi stopped cultivating for a long time. He forgot a lot of things that he used to do, so he ended up asking a lot of questions from his friends. Good to see that there were a lot of people to help him in ILGM’s grow journals.

In fact, they were also there when problems kept coming for him and his plants. He patiently listened to their advices. Sconi did follow a lot of them but he added his own touch somehow. At the end, he still had a lot of yield to enjoy and that;s the most important thing.


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