10 Do’s and Don’ts of Stoner Etiquette

If you haven’t been smoking weed that long, there are some things you probably don’t know yet about stoner etiquette.

Your parents (or whoever you grew up with) probably taught you a thing or two about having good manners when you were a kid.

People just like you more when you practice good etiquette.

No one wants to smoke out someone who does things like torch the bowl or hold up the rotation. Hence why good stoner etiquette is important. 

Why is Stoner Etiquette Important?

You should always practice good stoner etiquette for a number of reasons. You’ll be invited into more cirlces, for one. Secondly, it’s just good manners.

Always Corner the Bowl

Every stoner knows that the green hit tastes the best, so one of the most basic and important rules of stoner etiquette is to always corner the bowl.

How do you corner something round like a bowl, you ask?  Cornering the bowl just means lighting only one side of the bowl, rather than torching the entire bowl.

This is greatly appreciated in all circles. It’s another way of ensuring everyone has a good time.

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Never Ever Pass a Cashed Bowl

Nothing will annoy a fellow stoner in your circle more than passing them a cashed bowl.

If you notice that the bowl is completely cashed you should do one of two things: reload the bowl if you have any herb on you, or hand the pipe or bowl back to the owner or whoever has offered to load it next.

On the same note, you want to be absolutely sure that the bowl is cashed, so you don’t trash a half-smoked bowl, which will also piss off the people in your circle. 

This is why it helps to have some kind of a stirrer near you, so you can stir the bowl and determine whether it’s been cashed. 

Save your Story for After Your Hit

Try to resist the urge to hold up the circle by yammering on and on before taking your hit. Some strains give people the ability to talk nonstop.

If this always happens to you, take your hit first and then continue on with your story.

No one is listening to your story if you are parking on the bowl.

Allowing a joint to burn while telling a rambling story is a cardinal sin of  stoner etiquette, and a surefire way to piss off everyone in the circle.

Guests are Gonna Get Greens

Whether you are hosting a party, or just having a few friends over for a night cap, it’s important to remember that guests always get greens.

The rules are a little more flexible if you’re having someone over who always comes over and smokes with you.

If you are having people over for the first time, this is an absolute must. It’s just good manners. Stoners love good manners.

Throw in When You Can

You should always contribute whenever you can. Believe me, people notice if you never load a bowl. Think of it like building up good karma.

If you contribute when you can, then others will share with you when you are without.

In my experience, cannabis lovers are some of the most generous people you will ever meet, so long as you are generous in return.

There’s a reason they call it “kind bud.” Remember the saying, “a friend with weed is a friend indeed!”

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Puff, Puff, Pass

When smoking a joint, it’s important to remember the words “puff, puff, pass.” Take two puffs off of the joint and pass it along to the next person.

This is a crucial piece of stoner etiquette. Another important thing to remember is when the joint gets to the point where you’re using a roach clip, or are pinching it between your fingertips, you are only allowed one hit before passing.

This is just another way of assuring that everyone gets as many hits as possible. Don’t be a joint hog.

a man smoking a cannabis pipe
Always clear your smoke before you pass. Image Source: dailynexus.com

Don’t Swipe Someone Else’s Bud

This should be an obvious piece of stoner etiquette, but you should never, ever take someone else’s weed.

If you are over at a friend’s house and you see that they have a pile of freshly ground herb sitting out begging to be smoked, do not smoke it.

Wait for your host to load the bowl and offer it to you. Even if you know that they are planning on smoking you out, you have to wait.

It’s the same thing as if you were a guest at someone’s house and you just started rooting around in their fridge.

You wouldn’t want someone doing that, would you? This is a great way to lose friends and find yourself barred from many circles. 

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Ask Permission Before You Indulge in Someone’s House

You should never, ever, ever light up in someone’s house without asking them. Even if they have invited you over to use cannabis with you.

You don’t know what the rules are. Maybe they only smoke outside on the back patio. Maybe they have a special room just for using cannabis.

The point is that it is polite to wait. You wouldn’t light up a cigarette in someone else’s house.

Clear it Before you Pass, or the Next Hit Will Taste Like Ass

It is considered extremely poor stoner etiquette if you don’t “clear” the chamber i.e., suck out all of the remaining smoke.

The next person in the circle doesn’t want to suck up your seconds. This is pretty much the same as taking a drink off of someone’s soda can and backwashing in it.

That smoke is stale and tastes like ass. No one wants your leftovers, so it’s your responsibility to clear it.

Pass on the Pipe if You’re Sick

Cannabis is great when you’re feeling under the weather. You know what isn’t great is getting sick because you shared a pipe with a person who has a cold.

You should never share a pipe with someone else if you’re sick. Load a separate piece for yourself, or pass on that pipe altogether.

Featured Image Source: quantum9.com

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FAQ About Stoner Etiquette

Can you tell if someone is a stoner?

Typically, stoners are high most of the time. In general, you can tell if someone is a stoner if they smoke marijuana even when they’re on their own.

Why is it a must to practice stoner etiquette?

People just like you when you practice good manners, so same goes with smoking weed with others. You’ll most likely get invited to circles if you know stoner etiquette.

How many puffs are ideal before you pass on to the next person?

Ideally, you should take two puffs off of the joint before passing it to the next person in the circle. This way, everyone can have as much hits as possible.

Did I forget any other vital pieces of stoner etiquette? Share in the comments below if you know any more best practices! Someone will most likely benefit from it.

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