10 Pot Documentaries You Need to Watch

I’m not that huge a fan of TV shows about weed, to be perfectly honest. I find many of them, like Netflix’s reprehensible Disjointed to be badly written, while relying on unfunny and tired stereotypes of people that smoke weed. I love pot documentaries though. Cannabis is so fascinating in all aspects: medical, political, cultural, and the science behind the plant itself. There is no shortage of good pot documentaries that cover all of these areas. Here are my top ten.

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

The failed war on drugs has been a complete disaster. The war on drugs has been costly not just in terms of money, but people’s lives have also been completely destroyed. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. This documentary not only talks about cannabis, it goes into the faillures of the drug war at large, in addition to the eforts of the legalization movement.

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    Weed: A Special Report by Sanjay Gupta

    This pot documentary is part of a special report by Doctor Sanjay Gupta on CNN. Dr. Gupta interviews several patients wiho are currently using cannabis medicinally. They talk about all the ways that cannabis has changed and better enriched their lives. Gupta also goes into the history of prohibition, starting with the demonization campaign by Harry Anslinger. It’s a very informative documentary about the medical potential of cannabis.

    The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

    This pot documentary goes into detail about all of the reasons why cannabis was criminalized in the first place, and why the US government continues to fight so hard against legalization. It’s an eye opening look at all the ways that the pharmaceutical industry controls different levels of government and the perils of money influencing politics.

    How Weed Won the West

    This popular pot documentary is about the medical marijuana industry in California and the push to legalize cannabis. It’s a little dated, considering it was made before recreational cannabis was legalized, but very informative nonetheless.

    How Weed Won the West. Image Source: CannabisTube.Tv

    High: The True Tale of American Marijuana

    This documentary is especially for the politically minded. High talks about all of the money and effort that politiians put into battling the legalization movement. It’s a sobering documentary (I was very depressed when I watched it the first time), but a must see for anyone who wants to be a part of the legalization fight.

    420 The Documentary

    This pot documentary is more on the fun side, showing all of the places in the world where cannabis can be freely used and enjoyed. It might make you a little envious if you don’t live in a legal state or country.


    This TV documentary offers a look into the cannabis industry from the black market perspective. Here we look at a group of growers in Canada who have been growing weed since the 1960’s. We see the issues that the group has dealt with since the US began its slow legalization process.

    Super High Me

    This documentary starring famous stoner comedian Doug Benson takes a hilarious look at what happens when a dedicated every day stoner decides to quit smoking weed for 30 days, in a hilarious mock up of Supersize Me. It’s not particularly educational, but it’s fun to watch

    In Pot We Trust

    This documentary takes a deep dive into the life of several patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana and the different effects it has had on their lives. It’s an optimistic look at all of the ways that medical cannabis makes people’s lives better.

    The Culture High

    The last entry on our list, The Culture High takes another look at the war on drugs, but from the perspective of cannabis users. This documentary looks not only at the positives of legalization, but also some of the negatives as well. It’s an interesting movie that offers a balanced perspective on an important issue.

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    Did we miss any other good pot documentaries? Tell us your favorites below!

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