3 Ways To Keep Your Neighbors From Ratting On You For Smoking Weed

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I’ve come across various news articles asking the question: what can I do about my pot smoking neighbors? So, people are being encouraged to rat each other out now. Look, you pay your rent, you should be able to do what you want in your own place, right? Well that’s right, but unfortunately, the delicious smell of cannabis smoke is not appealing to everyone, so your neighbors can call the cops on you for smoking weed. Of course, this is only if you live in a state/country where cannabis is still illegal.

If you live in Colorado and your neighbor complains about your habit, all they can do is complain to the landlord because smoking cannabis in private property is perfectly legal. However, your landlord might not be cool with it.

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    Use A Vape

    Vapes are popular for a variety of reasons. They’re healthier to use. Your herb tastes better. There’s also no smoke. There’s some vapor, but it’s not close to being as noticeable as smoking from a bong or a joint. Portable vapes are also easier to hide, so you can sit out on your deck and vape discreetly without your neighbors noticing most of the time. This is probably the safest way to consume in your house without attracting the attention of nosy neighbors.

    A portable vape
    A portable vape

    Don’t Smoke Joints

    If you don’t have access to a vape, that’s okay. There are other ways to smoke discreetly. One thing that I would advise against doing is smoking joints and blunts. There’s no doubt that joints and blunts are awesome, but there is one glaring issue with them: they burn continuously (if you light them correctly that it).

    One of the most attractive feature of a joint is that you don’t have to light it constantly. Unfortunately, this means that the smoke is constantly streaming. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, joints and especially blunts, produce a lot of smoke. That smoke has to go somewhere and most of the time it’s going directly into your neighbor’s house.

    Be Courteous With Your Smoke

    Be courteous about how you smoke. If you live in an apartment complex or duplex, don’t smoke next to your shared wall. Run a fan so that the smoke dissipates. Light incense so the smell won’t be so obvious. Smoke outdoors so you don’t stink up their apartment. Try putting a wet towel underneath your door. If your neighbor comes to talk to you about your smoke, be empathetic. The smell of cannabis smoke is irritating to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Basically, don’t be a douche.

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    FAQ About Avoiding Neighbors to Rat on You for Smoking Weed

    Is a vape more discreet to use than a bong or a joint?

    Yes, you can choose a portable vape so it would be easier to hide; hence keeping your neighbors from noticing any smoke.

    Why are blunts not advisable to smoke when you’re worried about neighbor complaints?

    Blunts produce a lot of smoke, which has to go somewhere and it most likely will reach your neighbor’s house.

    What are some ways to be more courteous when smoking weed?

    Smoking outdoors, lighting incense to mask the smell, and putting a wet towel underneath your door are some of the ways you can be more considerate of your neighbors while smoking weed.

    Grow your own marijuana so can always smoke weed whenever you want to. It isn’t that hard, you’ll see! Read our blog for a complete guide.

    ‘Got something to share about dealing with nosy neighbors regarding weed smoke? Share in the comments below! Someone will certainly read it.

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      1. My neighbor comes banging on my front door a few times bitching about my pot smell stinking up his house… its gotten ridiculous. I’ve been going outside on my porch just to be nice about it. But no here he comes yelling over the fence some bullshit about how his daughter smells it and got sick in the bathroom. So it turned into a total fight. Hey I took it outside apparently that’s no good either. I ain’t vaping nothing, I smoke my medical marijuana. Vaping makes it taste like seaweed.