5 Now Debunked Myths About Weed

Recently a study came out showing that cannabis use was not linked to suicidal behavior in people with existing mental health problems. The study, out of Canada showed several interesting revelations which we’ll get to later on. This made me think about other debunked myths about weed

Smoking Weed Causes Lung Cancer

One of the now debunked myths about smoking weed is that weed is going to give you cancer. We now know that it’s not going to give you lung cancer, not in the way that smoking cigarettes does. There is actually quite a lot of speculation that cannabis use not only does not cause cancer, it can inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, preventing them from becoming malignant.

Of course, there is still more research that needs to be done on the subject. There is still a bevy of data out there that shows this to be the case. This interview with Dr. Donald Tashkin, who has been behind the research on cannabis and lung cancer since the 70s.

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    Teen Use Causes Schizophrenia

    Let’s be clear here. Data says that cannabis does not outright cause schizophrenia, however, (and this is very important) cannabis use can cause schizophrenia to manifest in people that were already at risk of developing schizophrenia.

    Basically, if you are genetically predisposed to schizophrenia and you smoke weed, it’s just going to speed the process up. If you’re not, then you’re probably fine. A study out of Harvard Medical School in 2013 on families with schizophrenia concluded that there was very little evidence that cannabis use as a teenager was a cause of schizophrenia later on in life. 

    myths about weed debunked
    The myth of the unintelligent , lazy stoner has been debunked! Image Source: Herb.co

    Stoners Have Lower Intelligence

    The stereotype of the dumb stoner constantly surrounded by a cloud of smoke that can’t string more than two words together turned out to not be true. For one, we know that cannabis does not kill brain cells in the way that alcohol and hard drugs do. THC actually can make you more intelligent, as research from a study conducted by Harvard showed a couple years ago. This is probably why another study conducted in 2017, showed that people who use cannabis are more successful and tended to have more life satisfaction than people who did not smoke weed. Spark one up for success!

    Weed Gives You Munchies, and Makes You Fat

    It’s a well known fact that weed gives you the munchies, which of course gives you cravings for junk food and makes you fat. I thought that for a long time. Then as I learned more about weed, I learned that there were only certain weed strains that made you want to finish off an entire package of Oreo cookies in one sitting. There were other strains that made you feel as though you could run marathons, or at least a few laps around your house.

    Studies have shown that in general stoners tended to have a lower BMI and a smaller waist size than people who don’t smoke weed. Cannabis and exercise actually go along together very well, which is good news for fitness buffs.

    Weed Makes You Lazy

    Weed not only was supposed to make you fat, it made you lazy as well. Smoke a bowl when you wake up and expect to spend the rest of the day on the couch playing video games. We now know that there are some strains that do that and others that don’t. As stated above, some strains of weed go well with exercise. Just make sure you smoke the right ones!

    *Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor. If you are currently on any medications, you should always consult a physician before using cannabis.*

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      1. I’ve been fighting for Lung cancer for three years and I’ve learned that marijuana can be used for this illness. This article helped me to better understand my medical history

      2. Hello, I’m a recent amputee and am looking for alternatives to all the synthetic meds. Pain and phantom limb pain, muscle spasms, depression ! Will be a first timer, and am having a hard time downloading the “grow bible” I’ve tried many times, any advise ?