6 Strains to Revitalize Your Workout Routine

It wasn’t too long ago that cannabis was associated with lying on your couch all day eating potato chips and playing video games. Luckily, as more and more people are introducing cannabis into their lifestyle, this stereotype seems to be going up in smoke. There are some strains that do make you feel a bit tired and heavy, but that’s why those strains are best left for evenings and right before bed. The truth is that there are plenty of strains that give you tons of energy. As I’ve been working on getting healthier, I’ve discovered that some cannabis strains that are perfect complements for any workout routine.


Jillybean is known for making the user feel uplifted and calm, yet simultaneously energetic and motivated. The soothing, calming physical effects will ease tension in the muscles, making this strain the perfect strain for either warming up or cooling down. You will also find the smell of mangoes and jellybeans especially refreshing.

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    Chocolope will make you feel energetic and highly euphoric, making it the ideal strain for your workout routine. Chocolope’s earthy and sweet aroma make it a favorite among those of us who like to spend our mornings jogging on a tranquil nature trail. Chocolope pairs excellently with your morning cup of joe and makes you feel ready to get up and go! Be sure to pack some extra in your favorite vape for an extra pick me up!

    Green Crack

    The name of this strain can be off putting for some, but it’s really not like I would imagine doing crack would be like. Green Crack will shoot you to the moon as far as energetic strains go. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to get to the gym, then Green Crack is the perfect strain for you. Not only will you make it to the gym, you will end up having a great time!

    XJ-13 is great for most workout routines. Image Source: Leafly


    XJ-13, the offspring of the legendary Jack Herer strain is the best strain for any workout involving high cardio. This strain will make your entire body buzz with energy. This is a strain that will make you feel as though you are in that Superman comic where he runs around the world repeatedly. On the other hand, you will feel focused and calm in a way that will ensure that you will not overdo it and give yourself exhaustion.

    Sour Diesel

    This classic sativa strain will make you feel ready to take on the world, and as such this makes it a perfect strain for any workout routine. A couple puffs of Sour Diesel will give you almost endless amounts of energy, and euphoria. This strain is also a great muscle relaxer, so it makes things like planks and pull-ups a hell of a lot more tolerable.

    Girl Scout Cookies

    Unlike actual Girl Scout Cookies, these cookies will make you want to do jumping jacks, backflips, and somersaults, regardless if you can actually do them, (if you can’t, I don’t recommend trying). The GSC strain will relieve all pain and muscle tension, giving you the endurance you need to run that last lap, or do those last couple squats. Never leave home without it.

    Featured Image Source: New York Magazine

    Did we miss any? Which strains have enhanced and revitalized your workout routine? Tell us below!

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    marijuana grow bible
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      1. I have used Sour diesel, and Girl scout cookies. I must admit they do exactly what they say. The other strains I’m not filmiler with. I certainly will look for them.