7 Things Stoners Love About Winter

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We are smack in the middle of winter and it seems like there is no way out. Why spend months being depressed about it? As stoners, there are plenty of reasons for us to love the winter time.

We Can Smoke Outside Without Everyone Looking at Us

I love smoking my herb outside, and there’s no denying that summer is a great time to do this. There is just one glaring problem: everyone else is outside too. Smoking outside is one of the most enjoying things about smoking weed. The enjoyment is somewhat abated when you come to your favorite spot for indulging, only to find a family of four in your usual spot. Sometimes you have to go to four different spots when looking for a safe place to toke. During the winter, this is not nearly as difficult. You can often just go in your front yard and not worry about being seen.

Sweaters Feel so Nice Against Your Skin

I love sweaters. I love how colorful they are, and I most of all love how they feel against my skin. Considering that there are certain strains that enhance your somatosensory system, it’s no surprise that sweaters are one of the things stoners love about winter. I seriously have around thirty cardigans alone. On a similar subject, when I’m high, I love the feeling of those fleece leggings against my legs, especially when it’s cold outside

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    Winter is the Best Time to Do Some Baking

    What do most people think about when they think about winter? Other than all the snow and wanting to be inside, they’re probably thinking about baking. I know I am. Even if you’re not a stoner there is something magical about baking goodies when it’s negative whatever outside. Of course, it stands to reason that one of the things stoners love the most about winter, when they get back from shredding the mountain, is all of the baked goods. This is whether or not they come with the “green goodness” baked in or not.


    Don’t Know About You Guys, But Cannabis Makes Me Sweat

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but cannabis makes me sweat my ass off at times. This might be because of the heat, but considering I also do it in the dead of winter, probably not. You know what else makes you sweat profusely? Triple digit heat. Now that we are in the beginning of the year and it’s constantly below freezing, I can look forward to prespiring a hell of a lot less when I’m toking up.

    Who Doesn’t Love Going for Walks in the Winter?

    Winter is freezing cold, but it’s one of the best times of year to go for walks (at least in my opinion), and this is especially the case when you’re high. Going for walks is one of the most enjoyable things for stoners because every walk is an adventure when you’re high. When you’re out for a walk after things are covered in a fresh layer of snow and frost. It looks like a magical fairy land.


    Winter means that it’s time to bust out the blankets! This means blanket forts, wrapping up with a blanket in front of a roaring fire and of course wrapping yourself in head to toe with the warmest comforter you have. One of the best things about smoking weed  is the warm feeling that overtakes your body as you smoke certain strains.

    Cold Air is Good for Your Lungs

    After months of breathing in hot (and in some cases smokey) air, that crisp winter air feels amazing on your lungs. I know that it does on mine. This is especially true when you smoke as much as I do. I need some relief after months of breathing in butane and heat. The dead of winter provides the relief I need.

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    What do you most love about winter? Tell us in the comment section!

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