The Many Great Advantages of Growing Marijuana

Although growing marijuana is still illegal in most states without a license, there is a move to make it legal and expose the many great advantages that marijuana actually possesses.  From a young age, many people have been taught to say no to drugs.  This is a common activity for concerned parents.  However, it is past time to bring to light the advantages of marijuana that include growing it for medicinal purposes.  Health advantages have been coming to the forefront for years, ever since the first marijuana clinic was opened to sell pot that was prescribed to patients with certain medical conditions.

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    Marijuana growing advantages

    The more medical studies that have been done on pot, the more it has been proven that it is healthy for certain medical treatments.  Those that suffer from Multiple Sclerosis are finding relief from tics, muscle spasms and neurological effects.  Marijuana has also been known to help reduce anxiety and treats not only migraines but also premenstrual syndrome. Some of the latest medical studies show that weed helps those afflicted with ADD, ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome.  Normally these disorders would be treated with prescription drugs that tend to have negative side effects.  When they were treated with pot there were no proven negative side effects.

    What does all of this have to do with you?  It is quite simple really.  The legalization of pot could help millions of people lead a better life.  If you could grow your own marijuana or legally purchase it from a local grower then you could potentially lead a healthier and happier life.  A particular type or strain of marijuana may prove to benefit your health conditions better.  If you were allowed to grow it at home legally, you could essentially produce pot for medicinal purposes for the greater good.  In order to begin growing your own pot you will need to know a little bit about pot and the processes used to grow the plants.

    There are two main strains of marijuana; cannabis Indica, which is a strong strain that leaves you feeling heavily stoned, and the cannabis Sativa strain which is lighter and gives more of an uplifting and euphoric type of high.  Both types look different when they are grown too, Sativas being leggy and tall and Indicas being compact and short.  You can grow it traditionally in soil or you can grow hydro weed, which means you are growing your plants with a hydroponic method.

    The basic elements you will need to grow your own marijuana traditionally are light, soil, water, suitable air, nutrients, certain temperatures and ventilation.  As long as you provide all of the elements needed for pot to grow, you should be able to produce a healthy plant.  The more hands on you are with this activity, the more you will learn and be able to produce the type of marijuana plants you desire.

    Another way to grow marijuana is with the hydroponic method.  This means that you grow the plants in a sterile medium, such as water, instead of in traditional soil.  The process of growing hydro weed is a great way to grow your plants that allows you to put the nutrients directly in the water.  The plants are grown in eighty to ninety five percent water.  If you want perfect crops when you plant pot hydroponically, then you need to make sure the atmosphere is controlled via temperature and with the use of grow lights.

    Growing pot hydroponically is a great set up for developing marijuana indoors.  This gives you total control of your plants.  Regardless of how you choose to grow pot, the idea that you can do it legally is a hope for the near future.  Pot has many healing qualities that are overlooked due to a negative ideology.  It is time to educate people and show them the positive healing nature of marijuana instead. Read this and learn how to grow marijuana indoors yourself…

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