Some Advice For Former Stoners Taking Up the Habit Again

Now that cannabis use is becoming more widespread, you’re starting to see a lot of people who smoked weed in their youth picking up the habit again. This is proving to be overwhelming for a lot of these older former stoners because things have changed a lot since their stoner days. Bearing that in mind, here are some words of advice for former stoners who are taking up the habit again.

Weed is a Lot Stronger Than it Used to Be

Perhaps the most important thing former stoners who are taking up the habit again, is to keep in mind that the weed we are smoking today is a lot more potent than the stuff the previous generations smoked. The ditchweed of the 60s and 70s is nowhere to be found. All of the weed is sticky and dank and more potent than anything you smoked in those days. One or two hits will probably get you where you need to be, when you used to have to smoke multiple joints to get high. It won’t take you long to build up a tolerance.

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Don’t Let the Fancy Tech We Have Now Scare You

Stoner technology has come a long way in the last few decades. We have vapes that are controlled by smartphone apps now! So it’s understanding that some former stoners who quit decades ago would be a little overwhelmed by things like percolator bongs, recycler precoolers, and of course electronic vapes! This new tech is pretty cool, and I promise that once you get used to it, it will make your life so much easier.

For example, hand and an older former stoner a vape pen when they’ve only smoked joints and their mind will be blown! My advice with the stoner tech is to go slow. If you’re looking to buy your first bong after not smoking for 40 years, don’t go with a double honeycomb perc bong with a glycerin coil. Go with something a little more simple. Then move onto the fancier stuff.

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    Maybe Don’t Start With Dabs Right Away

    If you’re a former stoner and are looking into taking up the habit again, I would advise against starting with dabs right away. Concentrates are much more potent than smokable flower, and if you’re not used to the potency of the flower that is widely available today, dabs might be a bit more than you can handle. If you want to try concentrates, I highly recommend trying them in the form of a vape pen, which comes with clear instructions on dosage and of course operating the thing. There’s always of course edibles.

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    Got any other advice for former stoners taking up the habit again? Tell us in the comments!


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      1. I see some comments say use highest “grain alcohol” you can. My question is can you use Bacardi 151 rum for alcohol tincture???

      2. I used to grow back in the 70s. Now growing some amnisa kush and plants look healthy but after 2 months it’s only 12/14in tall? The book doesn’t tell me why. Please email me with some help. Another strain is growing slow too. (Indoors)