5 Best Strains for Gaming

If you haven’t tried gaming while high yet, it’s high time you give it a try! No matter what kind of games you like to play — whether it’s old-school style arcade games like Tetris or the newest games with top graphics like Cyberpunk 2077, gamers of all stripes will find that their experience greatly improved when enjoyed with a bit of weed. So, what are the best strains for video gaming? Read on to find out.

Why Weed and Video Games Make a Perfect Pair

There are many reasons why you should bring THC to your game; here are a few: 

Cannabis helps with the creative component of gaming.

One of the easiest explanations for why video games and weed pair up so well is that many weed strains lead to increased creativity. Gaming has a lot of creative elements — not all video games, of course, but many. Smoking certain strains of weed before or during your game makes the creative experience that much richer. 

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Weed helps distracted gamers with focusing. 

Just like with creativity, many strains also help you to get focused and retain that focus. These are the daytime strains that lead artists and other workers to get stuff done after smoking. The level of immersion you can achieve after smoking a good strain of weed is unmatched by any sober experience of a video game. You’ll feel like you are in the fantasy world of your game, and you won’t want to leave (at least not until the high wears off).

Weed helps gamers with focusing
Weed helps gamers with focusing

Weed improves video gaming skills and boosts performance.

Believe it or not, weed can improve your video game performance. Some recent anecdotal studies indicate that you might play better than expected when enjoying weed while gaming. It might feel like we’re less precise, less focused, and less energized to perform well in the game, but in reality, that might not be the case.

Improved performance lines up with some studies that show that people don’t drive any more dangerously while high than sober people do — that’s not to say you should go smoke and drive, of course! It is still highly illegal in most places. But it does indicate that your reaction times and motor skills might not be as dulled as expected. Until we have more data, avoid doing anything potentially dangerous, like driving a car while high. But the beauty of video games is that they’re harmless, so give it a whirl and compare your scores! You’ll discover that weed and video games can comfortably go hand-in-hand.

Choosing the Right Strain for Gaming

To get the most out of your gaming experience while high, make sure you choose the perfect strain. Not all cannabis strains will give you the same feeling, and some of them will make you feel so at ease with the world that you won’t even want to bother picking up your controller. So, consider the following points before choosing your ideal strain for gaming while high.

What’s Your Gaming Preference

Consider your taste in games (or the game you want to pair a strain with). Your taste in games makes a difference when deciding on a weed strain. Do you like to play Call of Duty with your friends? Do you enjoy exploring Azeroth in World of Warcraft? Do you prefer even more free play, like Skyrim? Or perhaps a sandbox game like The Sims 4, or a chill, calming game like Stardew Valley? These are all very different types of games that require entirely different skill sets. They are also vastly different in terms of what makes them fun for their users, such as immersiveness versus strategy versus competitive aspects.

What’s Your Weed Preference 

Think about flavors and tastes you like in a weed strain. For many people, the flavor and smell of the strain can make or break the whole experience. Which types of flavors do you prefer? Perhaps you’d like a more fruity or citrus scent, or an herbal, piney, woody one. Some people love a skunky, pungent vibe, while others absolutely hate it. Consider this before searching through the different strains.

What’s Your Desired Effect

Find strains with benefits that enhance your gaming experience (i.e., clarity, focus, elevated mood). Think about the effects that the marijuana strain will have on you while you’re gaming. Your desired effect, of course, depends on what games you will choose to play since different effects work best for different games.

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For example, do you want to feel happier and uplifted as you play? Do you want to laugh more while playing a fun game, such as Overcooked 2? Or perhaps you want to have better focus and creativity, or a certain feeling of mental clarity that certain strains can bring while smoking weed and gaming.

The Best Weed Strains to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

We have chosen six of the best strains of cannabis to enhance your gaming experience to the max. Compare their effects to determine which characteristics will work best for your personal gaming experience. 

Blue Dream 

Blue dream is a great choice for those who have trouble with their tempers or get easily frustrated while gaming. The primary effects of this strain are relaxation and euphoria, helping combat those negative, explosive emotions. We recommend this strain for games with a more complex storyline, such as the Final Fantasy series.

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream Strain
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Green Crack

Green Crack will both chill you out and get your mind running in stimulated, interesting ways. Your intellectual side will come out, making it better for the many hours spent on more serious or longer-lasting games like any of the Civilization or Mass Effects games. This strain will make you feel energized and filled with a euphoric glee.

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White Widow

If you enjoy shooting games like Grand Theft Auto V, or puzzle games, or games with a bit of both (Portal, for example), White Widow might be the strain for you. It provides short bursts of energy during which your focus is better than ever, making you enjoy these kinds of games on a deeper level.

White Widow Strain
White Widow Strain
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Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is an excellent strain for playing chill, light-hearted games at the end of a long day. This strain will unwind your stress, muscles, and brain, helping you drift mentally to a better place. It calms and relaxes the muscles and your mind. For these reasons, we think it’s best paired with games like Super Mario (any of them) or Mario Kart since they are lighthearted and otherworldly.

Lemon Kush Strain
Lemon Kush Strain

Lemon Kush is a hybrid strain that will pair perfectly with games that will help you relax. While we don’t sell Lemon Kush seeds yet, you can find other hybrid seeds in our shop.

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Acapulco Gold

If you’re looking for a different kind of strain that energizes and invigorates, Acapulco Gold is one of the best strains for gaming. It will make your head feel crystal clear in addition to providing a boost of energy. Intense games that require more focus will work well with this one. It will also make you feel just happy the whole time, keeping you in a state of gaming euphoria.

Acapulco Gold Strain
Acapulco Gold Strain

You’ll surely get good vibes while gaming and smoking Acapulco Gold! Enjoy other strains that produce a happy high from our Berry Mixpack.

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AK-47 is another strain best for chilling out and simply enjoying a calm, easygoing night of gaming. It will mellow you out, no matter how stressful your day was, and will boost your mood, so you enjoy almost any activity. It works with any kind of video game, really, but especially ones that are on the more chill side.

AK-47 Strain
AK-47 Strain
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What are your go-to strains to smoke while gaming? Share with us in the comments!

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FAQs About the Best Strains For Video Gaming

What beginner-friendly cannabis seeds can I grow indoors?

Check out ILGM’s seed selector to find strains you might want to try growing indoors. You can narrow your options by desired effects, available environment for growing, and whether you want to maximize yield or want something easy to start things off. Sour Diesel is an excellent beginner-friendly strain for energetic effects, while White Widow provides a more relaxing high.

What are some notable cannabis strains?

Many cannabis strains are well known for their superior genes and are ideal for gaming. Check out our list of legendary weed strains and energizing weed strains for inspiration.

Where can I learn more about marijuana state laws?

State laws are rapidly changing these days, so it’s important to stay on top of the rules in your state if you’d like to stay legal while combining weed and gaming. Follow our marijuana state law updates in this article. 

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