The Importance of Knowing Your Dog’s CBD Dosage

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CBD is known to help man with a plethora of ailments. But did you know man’s best friend may benefit from CBD just as well? Find out how you can help your dog through a rough patch with CBD.

What Is CBD Oil For Dogs?

If you’ve decided to give your dog CBD oil to treat some of his or her ailments, you’re on the right treatment track. However, the next important question that comes along is what is the right dosage to give my dog?

Dosage is very important when administering CBD oil, as giving too much or too little could produce unwanted effects. Keep in mind, CBD oil will never get your dog high. However, if you give too little CBD oil to your dog, he or she may not reap the benefits of the solution, and if you give too much CBD oil to your dog, he or she may be overwhelmed with medication.

Below, you’ll learn a few critical concepts behind dosage requirements for your dog. Keep these on hand, especially in the beginning stages of treatment.

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    Always Buy CBD Oil Tinctures

    CBD oil is best administered through tinctures, as you can measure out drops for dosage. Typically, your dog will need anywhere from two to four drops two to four times a day (we’ll get to the specifics about this later). However, if you’d rather start with fewer drops, that’s fine, too.

    Dogs CBD Dosage Oil tinctures

    The great thing about oil tinctures is that you can administer one drop at a time and increase the dose as necessary. In the early stages, you’ll want to experiment with low doses and then increase them based on your dog’s response to the treatment.

    Your dog’s breed and size

    Most suppliers will provide this information for you when you purchase their product, but just to be safe, we want to remind you to be aware of your dog’s breed, size, and weight.

    Breed, size, and weight all play a factor in how much CBD oil you should be administering to your dog. Let’s tackle each category one by one.

    Dog’s Breed

    Different breeds of dogs tackle different ailments throughout their lives. This means that different breeds will require different doses, depending on the ailment they are facing.

    For instance, if your dog is suffering from pain due to cancerous tumors, he or she may need a little bit more relief using CBD oil than another dog that is suffering from separation anxiety (to which you would only administer the oil when he or she displays signs of the anxiety).

    Size & Weight

    The size of the dog is also critical, as you won’t want to give an eight-pound Yorkshire terrier four full drops of CBD oil. The same goes for larger breeds; you won’t want to administer only one drop to an eighty-pound Great Dane.

    Administering CBD To Your Dog

    There are a few common ways to do this, all of which are listed below:

    • place drops on top of dry or wet food and make sure your dog eats all of it
    • place drops on treat or bone and make sure your dog eats all of it
    • place drops in a piece of cheese or in between another type of food he or she can eat
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