Best Marijuana Facebook Pages

There are a surprising number of pages on Facebook that are revolving around the weed world, but sometimes it’s tricky to know which ones to follow. This guide will give you some idea of what’s out there, and where you can begin to get into the marijuana world on Facebook.

Some pages are big, others small, but they all bring something valuable to the table. Is your favorite facebook page not on the list? Please let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share on facebook 

Best Facebook Pages About Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Facebook Page

This Facebook page is the companion page to the website, It is dedicated to helping marijuana growers stay on top of the basics of growing, know what to buy for their grow setup, and learn the differences between different strains.

Growing Marijuana provides information for growing cannabis both in indoor and outdoor setups. It has a community of followers who are interested and knowledgeable in growing cannabis, making it a great page to connect with. Growing Marijuana Facebook

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I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana Facebook Page

This Facebook page is your free “expert guide on everything related to growing marijuana.” Whether it’s laws regarding growing marijuana in different states, reviews on different strains of marijuana, or articles about the various medicinal benefits of marijuana, I Love Growing Marijuana has it all for passionate marijuana growers.

This is an all-around great Facebook page for finding some basic information about a variety of important topics — which conditions can be treated and how, what strains work best for whom, and so on. It’s a mixture of useful tidbits for any marijuana grower out there! I Love Growing Marijuana Facebook Page

High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains

High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains Facebook Page

This is one of High Times’ many branches on Facebook. It is particularly concerned with knowing the different strains of marijuana. This can be useful for growers and consumers alike.

While the actual guide has more information, the Facebook page also includes interesting links to articles about different grow facilities, relevant podcasts, and more. Since it is part of the huge High Times community, it can lead you in the right direction of a number of other useful networks as well. Strain Guide Facebook

Homegrown Garden Supply

Homegrown Garden Supply Facebook Page

While Homegrown Garden Supply isn’t specifically for cannabis growing, it does have a lot of useful information and products for any indoor garden, especially if it’s hydroponics. For marijuana growers (many of which are indoor growers), this is an excellent resource.

If you need to know the ins and outs of products like pumps, timers, grow lights, fertilizers, fixtures, and more, Homegrown Garden Supply is a great place to start with! It’s particularly useful to people located in Portland, Oregon (where it’s located). HGGS Facebook Page

The Cannabis Grow Bible

The Cannabis Grow Bible Facebook Page

This Facebook page is based on the actual book called The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green.  The Facebook page also cultivates an excellent source of online information for marijuana growers everywhere.

Not only is it a good resource for facts about growing marijuana, but it also links to articles about other aspects of the marijuana world. This includes the current status of marijuana laws in a number of states, cannabis cooking recipes, and how the marijuana industry is doing in general. Cannabis Grow Bible Facebook Page

Aquaponic Cannabis Growers

Aquaponic Cannabis Growers Facebook Page

This group is exactly how it sounds: it’s a closed group of just under a thousand members that is all about growing marijuana with an aquaponic growing setup. It is designed to be a community of people who are there to share their growing experiences and stories, help those who have questions, and share new tips.
It can be particularly useful for newbie growers who are just starting out with an aquaponics system. It is an excellent way to gain knowledge and learn from the mistakes of people before you, rather than needing to figure it all out for yourself. The group prides itself on being open and welcoming, stating it its description that “there is no so thing as a stupid question.” Aquaponic Cannabis Growers Facebook Page

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Best Lifestyle Facebook Pages

High Times

High Times Facebook Page

Perhaps the most well-known marijuana magazine in the world, High Times has its own Facebook page (in addition to its own website, some books, and so on). More than 5.75 million Facebook users have liked its page, and it’s for a good reason: High Times’ Facebook page is an excellent source of information about upcoming cannabis-themed events, news stories regarding marijuana, growing tips, and fun quizzes.

In short, High Times should be the first Facebook page you like if you are looking for a way to be involved and informed about the marijuana world. High Times Facebook Page

Hail Mary Jane

Hail Mary Jane Facebook Page

Hail Mary Jane is a Facebook page and website: that is all about marijuana culture. Anything having to do with the culture of marijuana is on here — news, music, weed, and more.

Boasting nearly 300,000 likes, it’s an active and popular community for weed enthusiasts. It is rife with funny videos about the various ways people disguise their weed or roll their joints, inspirational videos about people who have benefited from medical marijuana, and some mindless but hilarious memes. Hail Mary Jane Facebook Page

THC Finder

THC Finder Facebook Page

This Facebook page has perhaps an even more active community than Hail Mary Jane, even though it has around 100,000 fewer likes. Posts are from everyone in the community and include the mindlessly funny memes, graphics, and visual puns.

However, it also includes some posts about people’s favorite strains of pot, discussions of preferences, and so on. It has cultivated a culture of discussion and interest, sometimes feeling more like a forum than a Facebook page. THC Finder Facebook Page

Weed Humor

Weed Humor Facebook Page

As its name implies, this is a catch-all for anything resembling weed humor. Some of it is hilarious, some of it is distasteful, and some of it is mediocre. With 437,000 likes, it’s no surprise it has a wide variety of humor.

If you just feel like scrolling and chuckling for a while, this is your site. There are also a few hidden gems here, including the occasional inspirational quote or link to an awesome product popular in the weed community. Some of it has very little to do with weed at all! Weed Humor Facebook Page

News Nug

News Nug Facebook Page

While its name implies it is a news page, News Nug is more than just keeping you informed about current events. It shares a variety of interesting tidbits, facts, and stories that anyone interested in weed or the marijuana industry would find interesting.

That said, it also has opinion articles and explanations of the various state bills that could change the marijuana laws across the country. There are often international stories as well, making it a great page to like for people located everywhere. News Nug Facebook Page

Ganja Gurus

Ganja Gurus Facebook Page

Whether it’s medical uses for marijuana, funny memes, or other interesting articles, opinions, or facts, Ganja Gurus has a big mixture of things related to the cannabis world. It boasts that it is an honest source of information and that its admins are highly responsive, so it stays pretty active.

It is also explicitly against any kind of synthetic marijuana, so advertising synthetics here is a big no-no. Otherwise, it’s an open page covering topics for anyone interested in marijuana. Ganja Gurus Facebook Page

I Love Smoking Weed

I Love Smoking Weed Facebook Page

This page has a huge number of likes (more than 550,000) and has been around for a while. It is a community that is available for anyone to send questions to, post on, and discuss weed with.

It is self-described as “dedicated to all things weed and smoking” and also has a corresponding website: People who like this page are invited to share their own funny or cool pictures (pictures that are somehow about weed, of course). I Love Smoking Weed


CannaTruths Facebook Page

CannaTruths is a Facebook page designed to keep you up to date with current events, news, and global happenings that are revolving around cannabis. Its mission is to include a variety of perspectives and reliable information so that you can trust its posts.

With just under 5000 likes, it is a bit smaller than some of the above pages, but that can be appealing because you’re more likely to know (or at least recognize) the people behind the page. There are podcasts, articles, and websites shared by this page that its “likers” will find interesting. Canna Truths Facebook

Hemp HoodLamb

Hemp HoodLamb Facebook Page

Hemp HoodLamb is a Facebook page surrounding a line of products — a clothing line, actually. The brand uses hemp and other eco-friendly materials to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Its mission is to help reverse the negative effects of consumerism — a rare value to have in a company that runs on its consumers.

Hemp HoodLamb’s page is not only about its products but also posts to spread awareness about sustainability. Some politics are thrown in there, as are blogs and international travels. It’s a popular brand, with more than 16,000 likes on its page. Hemp HoodLamp Facebook

Stuff Stoners Like

Stuff Stoners Like Facebook Page

Stuff Stoners Like is a Facebook Page going back at least 10 years (as it was founded in 2007). It is all about stoner culture, marijuana news, and reviews. It also has a website

There are funny posts, lists of favorite strains, advice for how to pass a marijuana drug test, how to clean a bong properly, and so on. Most of its page are articles from its website, so it’s a great way to stay on top of its newest post and the most recent and relevant news. Stuff Stoners Like Facebook Page

People and music groups

Cheech and Chong

Cheech and Chong Facebook Page

Boasting nearly 12.5 million likes, this page represents two of the most famous characters in the marijuana world ever. Cheech and Chong themselves stem back to 1971, and they have their own website today in addition to their Facebook page.

In case you don’t already know, Cheech and Chong are an iconic comedy duo famous for their love of weed. The Facebook page has posts that are actually less about them and more just funny in general. Cheech and Chong Facebook Page

Rick Steves

Rick Steves Facebook Page

That’s right, folks, America’s favorite travel writer is also a huge supporter of marijuana legalization! Of course, most of his posts on his Facebook page are about traveling in Europe, but he has a surprisingly wide number of posts regarding his stance on marijuana.

Steves has not been at all quiet about his support for marijuana legalization. In October 2016 (shortly before the November election) he released a series of posts about his thoughts on different marijuana legalization initiatives. In any case, if you like marijuana but you also like to travel, Rick Steves is your man. Rick Steves Facebook Page

Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley Facebook Page

Ziggy Marley is a hugely popular reggae musician who has a specific interest in marijuana (among other things). In case you were wondering, Ziggy Marley, is indeed related to Bob Marley. In fact, he’s his eldest son!

The Facebook page is a mixture of tour dates, selfies backstage, clips from his album, and so on. His recent Grammy win is on there, as well as his cookbook (Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook). If you want to follow a famous person who has a healthy love of marijuana, Ziggy has the perfect Facebook page. Ziggy Marley Facebook Page

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Facebook Page

Even better known than Ziggy Marley, Wiz Khalifa is another musical icon that is well known for his love of weed. His Facebook page has a variety of products, video clips, and marijuana-themed graphics and photos on there.

Photos of Wiz himself smoking weed are not uncommon on this page, nor are photos of him with his son. If you are into marijuana culture, you are into Wiz Khalifa — and vice versa. You’d better start following his page. Wiz Khalifa Facebook Page

The Contrabandits

The Contrabandits Facebook Page

The Contrabandits, a reggae music group, are a good choice if you’re looking for a Facebook page that isn’t on quite the grand scale of Wiz Khalifa or Ziggy Marley. This one is liked by around a thousand people and has clips of their music and interests (marijuana focused).

If you are into getting to know some lesser known reggae groups, you should probably attend a Contrabandits concert. You won’t be disappointed. Their tour and performance information can be found on their Facebook page.


Seedless Facebook Page

Seedless is a medium sized Facebook page, in terms of likes anyway: it has about 50,000 likes and is fairly well known in the marijuana community. Its band is made up of five friends who grew up in California, skateboarding and playing music.

Their Facebook page includes promotions (you could win your very own “Seedless” bowl!), album information, tracks, band selfies, and more. They have quite a thriving community of fans, with their music (and merchandise) making it far and wide. Seedless Facebook Page

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Medical and political

Weed News

Weed News Facebook Page

While not dedicated solely to the politics of legalizing marijuana, Weed News is very clear in its message: marijuana should be legal. It is dedicated not only to sharing information about the marijuana legalization movement but also to simply spreading awareness about the truth behind marijuana and its effect on users or patients. Visit their website at

It also shares on its wall the truth about public opinion regarding marijuana legalization. In many states, the majority of residents agree that it should be legalized, yet its legislators are sadly behind the times. If that’s the sort of information you are interested in, the Weed News Facebook page is a great one for you. Weed News Facebook Page

Medical Jane

Medical Jane Facebook Page

Medical Jane is a space for informing the public about cannabis and its medical benefits. The Facebook page is an offshoot of its actual website,, which shares the same mission and does its best to spread news and information about medical marijuana.

The Facebook page is a great collection of current events and other news for how specific studies are going, how some laws are changing, and what people should be thinking about. There are even videos about how CBD affects pets! Medical Jane Facebook Page

The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog Facebook Page

With more than a million followers, The Weed Blog is a great source of information regarding all things cannabis. Its main points are about marijuana law, political activism, and news regarding medical marijuana, but it also has product reviews and some tips for smoking weed.

It also publishes the personal stories of its own followers, encouraging constructive conversation regarding the policy around marijuana in this country. It prides itself is being the “number one source” for important marijuana information so you can rest assured they take their job and mission seriously. TheWeedBlog Facebook Page

Green Rush Daily

This Facebook page is all about redefining the perception that surrounds weed. The point of the page is to share information, products, and technology in the marijuana world with the public. There is even information on growing marijuana as well as which new strains are up and coming. Everything from a luxury “cannabis chair” to advice for cleaning out your grinder is on this page.

Green Rush Daily has articles that dispel myths, tell historical stories of famous people, and share two sides of a controversial issue. Of course, for many, the real highlights are the strain reviews and growing tips. At more than 800,000 likes, this is a huge network of information and people that anyone interested in marijuana in any capacity needs to follow.

Moms for Marijuana International

Moms for Marijuana International Facebook Page

This Facebook page looks at the legalize marijuana movement and its progress across the United States. As its name states, it is followed by more than 500,000 people (presumably moms), and its wall is jam packed with evidence supporting marijuana.

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Some of the major points it seeks out are ones involving younger people’s use of marijuana, including articles proving that the legalization of marijuana actually lowers teen marijuana use. It also stays up to date with the current political situation and how it could change the outlook for marijuana legalization. Moms For Marijuana Facebook Page

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana Facebook Page

Followed by more than 2.5 million Facebook users, Legalize Marijuana is a center for people who want to do just that in the United States. Its mission, and the mission of its corresponding website,, is to end the prohibition of marijuana because it is harming the economy, leads to mass incarceration, and funded criminals.

Legalize Marijuana’s Facebook page brings up numerous videos, articles, and reports about the most relevant topics in the marijuana legalization movement. Whether it’s the use of marijuana in the NFL, what politicians are saying about marijuana these days, or celebratory posts about the most recent states to legalize, this Facebook page is a hotbed of information for anyone interested in finding out about the political situation of marijuana. Legalize Marijuana Facebook Page

Marijuana Majority

Marijuana Majority Facebook Page

Similar to Legalize Marijuana but on a smaller scale (followed by nearly 77,000 people), Marijuana Majority is all about taking action to legalize marijuana. It informs the public about recent polls surrounding various marijuana issues, and it posts action items for people passionate about the movement.

Marijuana Majority is an excellent resource for people who want to stay informed and take action where they can. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded people, many of whom are outside of the “stoner culture.” Marijuana Majority Facebook Page


NORML Facebook Page

If you know anything about the marijuana legalization movement, you are bound to have heard of NORML before. This is an organization that exists to push the marijuana agenda forward. It asserts that all penalties (whether civil or criminal) should be taken away altogether. That includes industrial hemp use as well.

Although NORML does not specifically endorse public office candidates on their Facebook page, they do share lots of information regarding policy and current events that can be used to make informed decisions. NORML has a bunch of branches in separate states so you can find your local NORML in addition to this national one. NORML Facebook Page

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Cooking with Cannabis Facebook Pages

Cannabis Cheri

Cannabis Cheri Facebook Page

Cannabis Cheri is affiliated with the Marijuana Lifer Project ( and is all about the uses of marijuana. She wrote a book called Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women and has a variety of recipes on her Facebook page.

If you are a marijuana user, this is a very practical Facebook page to follow. It can help you learn how to properly dose marijuana, cook with marijuana, and much more. Cannabis Cheri also shares interesting articles about the legalization of marijuana worldwide, in the federal government, and on a state by state level. She has more than 4500 likes and her own website if you can’t get enough! Cannabis Cheri Facebook Page

The Herbal Chef

The Herbal Chef Facebook Page

The Herbal Chef is all about gourmet recipes for cooking with marijuana. He offers private dinners and catering events that boast their “marijuana-infused fine dining.” His Facebook page is filled not only with recipes and tips, but also clips from his show and people’s medical responses to marijuana.

But let’s get back to the recipes part. Baklava, stuffed grape leaves, pomegranate mint sorbet, and other delicious dishes are all featured on the Herbal Chef’s Facebook page. If you are interested in cooking high-quality meals with marijuana, the Herbal Chef is a great starting point. The Herbal Chef Facebook Page

Cannabis Cookbook

Cannabis Cookbook Facebook Page

The Cannabis Cookbook is exactly what it sounds like: a Facebook page designed to share a variety of excellent cannabis cooking recipes with its followers. It shares posts from a variety of sources (including High Times and, which makes its allure the fact that it is a collection of a variety of websites that you could sift through yourself (but waste more time), or just find it all right here.

In addition to its many delicious recipes, Cannabis Cookbook also shares links to some current events and medical marijuana research breakthroughs. Cannabis Cookbook Facebook Page

Accessories Pages


NUGGETRY Facebook Page

Based in Southern California, NUGGETRY is a page popular amongst those living the marijuana life. It includes descriptions and reviews of various products and weed accessories, including its own bowls in various creative designs.

In addition to showcasing its own bowls and glassware on its Facebook page, NUGGETRY also shares a variety of different strain reviews. For the average weed consumer, NUGGETRY is a very useful Facebook page to follow. It is not so much for growers, but more for those looking to consume marijuana. In short, it’s an excellent page for those looking to keep up with the products out there. Nuggetry Facebook Page

The Dome

The Dome Facebook Page

Based in Winter Park, Florida, the Dome Shop is a self-described “smoke culture shop.” Its Facebook page does an excellent job of showcasing its accessories and items. These items include pipes, smoking accessories, novelty items, and even art.

The Dome is particularly impressive for its artistically designed bowls. If you are someone interested in bowls, especially beautifully or uniquely designed ones, this makes for a great page to follow. The Dome Facebook Page

Raw Rolling Paper

Raw Rolling Paper Facebook Page

Predictably, this is a Facebook page designed for the company, Raw Rolling Paper. With more than 100,000 likes on Facebook, however, it has an unpredictably large following. Its page features photos of people smoking, of uniformly rolled blunts (rolled in its papers, of course).

Raw Rolling Paper is not only a Facebook page for its products, but also for the weed culture in general. This is a big part of its large following, as people are actually sharing and commenting on its wall. Raw Rolling Paper

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