Firecracker Recipe

Firecracker recipe is one of the easiest marijuana edibles recipes to enjoy, partially because of its taste and partially because of how easy the recipe is.

Many people have enjoyed a marijuana firecracker but have never made it themselves.

This firecracker recipe will show you not only how to make firecrackers, but also how to make the all-important weed peanut butter.

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What are firecrackers?

For those new to the marijuana edibles scene, firecrackers are essentially just peanut butter weed cookies.

They use any kind of delicious cracker (such as Ritz crackers or Saltine crackers) and include a layer of weed peanut butter on top.

It is ideal for people who want a quick snack to medicate themselves without preparing an entire meal.

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Firecrackers also work well for the recreational crowd, considering that they make excellent party snacks and only take about 45 minutes to prepare.

Unlike other edibles, they also don’t need very much actual marijuana to work — and yet they tend to have a strong and long-lasting effect on the consumer nonetheless.

Ingredients and equipment

Peanut Butter

First of all, you will need about half a gram of weed for each cracker you will make. Figure out how many crackers you expect to make and acquire the right amount of weed accordingly.

Secondly, you will need Ritz crackers, Saltine crackers, Jacobs crackers, or some other similar type of cracker that go well with peanut butter.

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Now for the peanut butter: you should make sure that it is a type of peanut butter that has plenty of peanut oil. It should be non-hydrogenated as well.

Unfortunately, Jif and Skippy brands of peanut butter do not have enough peanut oil in them — and that means they won’t work for this recipe.

Go for another brand. You can also use Nutella or a chocolate spread instead of peanut butter if you prefer. Crunchy peanut butter is also perfectly fine to use.

Next, you will need an item to mix together your peanut butter and the marijuana. This should be something small, like a toothpick.

You should also have scissors of some sort or else a coffee grinder on hand to cut up the marijuana with.

Make sure there’s enough tin foil to cover and store the crackers when they’re done. Finally, you will also need an oven.

How to make firecrackers

First, you will need to bake your marijuana. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While you wait for it to heat up, take scissors and cut up the marijuana into tiny pieces.

A coffee grinder will also do the job thoroughly and quickly; the finer the pieces of marijuana, the better it will work for your weed peanut butter crackers.

Once the oven is ready, you can put your marijuana inside a tin foil bowl of sorts to hold the marijuana. Leave it in for about a quarter of an hour, then check on the weed.

If it is extremely powdery or dusty, they have been baked for the perfect amount.

Baking your marijuana is a highly important part of creating a weed firecracker. The reason for this is that it needs to be decarboxylated. Decarboxylation means that the THCA turns into THC.

This can only occur when the marijuana is dried out enough — this drying process is accomplished through baking the weed. This process automatically happens when you smoke or vaporize marijuana since it is heated up enough for the decarboxylation process to take place.

If you forget to bake your marijuana, you won’t feel a thing from your peanut butter pot cookies, so be sure not to forget.

The next thing you should do is turn up the oven to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit, then wait for ten to fifteen minutes.

Put a thick layer peanut butter (regular peanut butter without any weed yet) on both sides of each cracker (up to a centimeter).

Then take your freshly baked marijuana and sprinkle it on half of the peanut butter crackers. Leave the other half for sandwiching it later.

Take your toothpick or other mixing tool and mix the peanut butter with the marijuana, doing so as thoroughly as possible on top of the cracker.

You want as much weed as you can to touch peanut butter. When you’re done with that, sandwich the crackers together and wrap them up in tin foil.

Place the wrapped up peanut butter weed crackers onto a cookie sheet and into the oven and bake them for 20 minutes. Once the twenty minutes have passed, up the heat level to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it for another two minutes.

Remove the freshly baked weed peanut butter cookies from the oven and set them to the side until they have cooled off. Now you are free to enjoy your delicious marijuana firecrackers!

Faq About Firecracker Recipe

What are weed firecrackers?

Weed firecrackers are just peanut butter weed cookies. You use any kind of delicious cracker and include a layer of weed peanut butter on top.

Can you use firecrackers for recreational purposes?

Yes, definitely. Firecrackers work really well for the recreational crowd, considering that they make excellent party snacks and only take about 45 minutes to prepare.

Can you make a weed firecracker in the microwave or oven?

Wrap your crackers in a tin foil after putting all the peanut butter you want and place them into the oven and bake them for 20 minutes.

Thanks for reading. Want to get into the more advanced cooking class? be sure to check out more of our marijuana recipes.


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  1. Tried this. Unfortunately, after 3 minutes at 250 degrees, everything just burned up into unusable black soot. 🙁