First MMJ Kitchen to open in the United States

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September 24, 2018, United States

The United States will have its first and one-of-a-kind MMJ kitchen by early October. The facility will be located in Tempe, Arizona and operated by Mint Dispensary, a local medical cannabis outlet. The kitchen will offer marijuana-infused meals and beverages to MMJ patients. Carylann Principal, a cancer survivor and trained chef will spearhead the kitchen. She will be responsible to create menus to be served at the facility. According to Carylann, the kitchen will take care of customized MMJ doses pertaining to different qualifying medical conditions while maintaining the deliciousness, freshness and nutritional content of the served food.

How MMJ kitchen will work?

MMJ kitchen
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As per the initial plans of the dispensary, it will set up a takeout facility and serve customers with state-issued medical marijuana cards. MMJ patients will have a medicated menu to choose from. Pasta, lasagnas, burgers, pizzas, fries, tacos and other artisan foods will be part of this menu.

Besides serving lunch and dinner meals, the kitchen will have an espresso counter, juice bar, and gelato stop as well. The setup is similar to any other eatery. However, every serving offered by the kitchen will be cannabis-infused. The dispensary is also planning to offer cannabis-infused baked items. Fritters, muffins, doughnuts, and flavored bread will be part of this menu.

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    A challenging task

    Serving all the above-mentioned foods and beverages is a regulation work for any restaurant. But turning them into a medicated item, especially with medical marijuana, is not a mean task. Since every patient is prescribed for different MMJ dose according to his/her medical condition, therefore the kitchen staff will have to prepare everything with a customized quantity of cannabis. The kitchen staff will most definitely use cannabis concentrates to prepare the meals and beverages.

    According to Mint dispensary’s CEO, the kitchen will offer some standard meals with measured doses of cannabinoids starting from 10 mg. The objective of setting up the kitchen, as described by the CEO, is to make MMJ more accessible to patients.

    It is good news for MMJ patients in the state, particularly of the city of Tempe. MMJ dispensaries often report that many of their customers ask for cannabis-infused edibles. The demand for MMJ-infused meals is understandable since medicinal administration in the form of food items makes the treatment endurable for patients suffering from several debilitating conditions.

    More is yet to come

    More is yet to come
    More is yet to come – Image powered by

    Mint Dispensary also has some other plans with their kitchen. After the test run of the takeout facility, the kitchen will start offering home delivery service. Apart from that, the dispensary wants to cater events with medicated meals. Similarly, offering holiday meals on different occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas etc) is also part of the plan.

    The dispensary is also going to offer free of charge cooking classes to MMJ patients to prepare their own cannabis-infused meals. The kitchen will be open from October 5 and will operate seven days a week. A finalized menu will be uploaded on the dispensary website very soon.

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