Helpful tips to get the most out of your Mighty vaporizer

If you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer, the Mighty Vaporizer is one of your best possible options. The Mighty vaporizer, manufactured by Storz and Bickel, uses innovative hybrid heat and clever features to distinguish itself as an industry standard in sturdy, delicious portable dry herb vaporizers.

All about that Hybrid heat

All about that hybrid heat
All about that hybrid heat

You might have a Mighty vape and not even be aware of what makes it hybrid heat so special. With convection vapes, hot air passes over your dry herbs and heats them evenly and nicely. The trouble with convection methods is that it takes a while to get the chamber good and warm and can get hot in your hands. With conduction heat, you have speedy heat up time, but your herbs are often left vaped unevenly and inefficiently.

When you combine both convection and conduction heat to get hybrid heat, you get a perfect result that is an improvement on both. You will blow thick clouds of flavor with this awesome device. Using what is called hybrid heat, this unit combines both convection and conduction heat to create what is arguably the smoothest and most flavorful hits that can come from a portable vaporizer.

Top of the line Features

Top of the line Features
Top of the line Features

The Mighty vaporizer offers top of the line features that make it one of the hottest vaporizers on the market today. Functionality is a breeze with this Mighty vape, giving you full digital control through an LCD screen at the base of the device. Heat up time is never any more than 90 seconds with the Mighty vape. The Mighty vape also comes with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that if you used wisely, will easily last you the entire day on the go.

Using this unit stands alone as an exceptional vaping experience right out of the box. Still, there are several steps you can take to optimize that experience. Read on for some helpful tips that will make your Mighty vaporizer even better.

Tip: Clean the Cooling Unit

Clean the Cooling Unit
Clean the Cooling Unit

The Mighty is equipped with a game-changing cooling unit that is built right into the swiveling mouthpiece. Spacing about the heating chamber and the mouthpiece, the cooling unit makes the vapor travel down an additional path. The result is cooler, more flavorful and smoother tokes from high quality vapor every time. The only issue with this piece is that isn’t not the easiest to clean. But as long as you stay on top of the buildup regularly and keep the Mighty vape tidy, it won’t be an issue.

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To keep the unit nice and clean, start by filling a small jar, bottle, Tupperware container, etc. with 91 percent (or higher) isopropyl alcohol. Next, disassemble the pieces of the cleaning unit and soak in the alcohol for an hour or two. After that, shake the container and clean the rest of the device. Finally, give the jar one last shake, removing the mouthpieces from the alcohol. Discard the alcohol and wash out the jar or container, or save it if you feel like it. Keep the jar handy for future deep cleaning. You can use the alcohol for several cleansings to save money, or you can discard if you don’t want that lying around.

Another quick tip:  The rubber O-rings that come with the Mighty’s mouthpiece can be damaged if you leave them in the alcohol for too long. Be sure to remove them as soon as you’re finished cleaning to preserve their lifespan.

Tip: Use the Autofill

Use the Autofill
Use the Autofill

You might not think the auto fill tool is necessary, but even the most experienced portable vaporizer users often spill scraps of dry herb when trying to load up their vapes. Think about all of the shake and tiny buds you drop on the side of the table, or worse – on the floor. This adds up over time and costs you money. Storz and Bickel have developed the auto fill tool to prevent spillage and save you money in the long run. Be sure to use it.

To use the auto fill tool, simply start by filling the orange donut, flipping it over and removing the clear cover. Leave the little plug inside of the filling hole. Then attach this part to the chamber of the Mighty the same way you would attach the mouthpiece and remove the orange top. Once you remove the plug, gently push your dry herbs around the donut and into the slot, fitting snugly and evenly inside of the heating chamber below. Stop wasting weed. Use the auto fill tool.

Tip: Use Dosing Caps for easier All-day Vaping

Use Dosing Caps for easier All-day Vaping
Use Dosing Caps

When it comes to convenience, the Mighty’s Dosing Caps are some of the best features on the market – something offered by no other vapes on the market today. You can fit eight of these small circular dosing capsules in the palm-sized, donut-shaped container. You fill each dosing cap with a portion of grinded up dry herb, put them back in the container and close it up. You now have eight fresh hits of dry herb to take anywhere, ready in your pocket.

The capsules fit perfectly inside of the chamber so they don’t move around when you’re vaping. No more grinding up another hit, scraping out the vaped up weed and refilling the bowl. Just switch out the dosing cap and enjoy a fresh, delicious hit up to eight times a day.

Some other quick tips: In addition to all of its other awesome features, the Mighty comes with a thin mesh screen, which allows you to load up finely ground herbs while preventing clogging. The hybrid heating also allows you to grind up herb very thin without compromising airflow or vape quality. Always use the stirring tool about hallway through your session to ensure optimal airflow.

Tip: Only want half a bowl? Use the Liquid Pad

Use the Liquid Pad
Use the Liquid Pad

Just like many other premium vaporizers available today, The Mighty is compatible with liquid pads for concentrates. This lets you easily vape with dry herbs and waxes interchangeably. The liquid pads have another handy use that you might not know.

When you’re vaping, it’s often a good idea to load the bowl completely in order to optimize airflow. You might sometimes decide you only need to pack half, though. In these instances, use the liquid pad by putting it in the chamber before packing your herb around it. What you get is a tightly packed chamber with more space occupied inside. The result is the best possible airflow with half of the normal size bowl.

We hope you enjoy your Mighty portable vaporizer. Using these helpful tips, we know every toke will be the best it can be. For more tips and reviews on vaporizers be sure to visit Tools420 Reviews and Blogs.

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