How to roll a joint – Classic

Our friends from the Daily Smoker made this nice instruction video on how to roll a classic joint…

YouTube video

Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman is an Amsterdam-based marijuana grow expert who has years of experience from small grows to massive operations. His passion for growing lead him to develop his own Gold Leaf strain. Now, Robert is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the world.... [Read full bio]


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    2 comments on “How to roll a joint – Classic”

    1. […] Joints (marijuana cigarettes) are likely the most common way that people smoke marijuana. They are easy to use and carry, they leave no paraphernalia trail, and can be shared relatively easily. Many people also receive oral satisfaction from toking on a joint in the same way tobacco lovers enjoy smoking a cigarette. […]

    2. […] you’re only cleansing enough for a few joint, then just a thin layer of glands will build up. It cannot be simply peeled or rubbed off the skin, […]