Justgrowins Dream Growing Blue Dream Auto

Growing marijuana can put a hole in a grower’s pocket. Lights alone can already be quite expensive. There are other things to consider that also cost a lot of money like grow tents, nutrients, supplements and other equipment as well.

It’s a good thing that there are growers out there like Justgrowin who set an example to others. Cultivating marijuana plants does not need to be lavish. A resourceful grower would take a good look around his home and find useful things for his grow.

That is exactly what Justgrowin did and he was able to spend less than $70 for the whole grow. Read on to see how he was able to make it all possible.

Justgrowin’s Blue Dream Auto

Originating from California, Blue Dream has been dominating most of West Coast for a long time now. It has also become a smoker’s favorite by staying true to its name. Aside from the Blueberry aroma that it has, smokers are lulled into relaxation as if they’re dreaming. It does not have a long-lasting sedative effect as well.

As for the growers, they may need to face some challenges when growing this strain. It’s known to be quite stubborn, but the reward it brings is irreplaceable. In as short as seven to nine weeks of flowering, it could produce 100 to 200 grams of yield per square meter.

Grower’s Profile:
Grower: Justgrowin
Location: USA
Seed: Blue Dream
Yield: 36g


  • 5-gallon soft pot
  • Miracle-Gro Soil
  • Potting Soil from Dollar General
  • Organics 5-4-4 from Dolla General
  • Meizhi 14-watts LED light
  • LED Grow Light Bulb 28-watts Full Spectrum
  • (3) Goose Neck Office Lamps
  • Drywall
  • Excess vanity
  • Aluminum foil



The tap root started appearing less than a day since Justgrowin germinated the Blue Dream Auto seed in wet paper towels. After some research, he found that transplanting auto seeds stress them the most. To avoid transplanting, instead of the initial soda bottle plan, he went with toilet paper roll.

Justgrowin filled it with 1/4 inch of Miracle-Gro potting soil, made a hole for the seed and covered it with another 1/4 inch of soil. Then, he watered it enough not to break the toilet paper roll yet he made sure it ran off the bottom.

Now, it’s resting on the pot of another plant, sharing its red and blue spectrum LED lights on a 24/7 schedule.


Day 2 and he added a glass mason jar after misting the soil a little. He used the jar to cover the seed and increase the humidity. Before spraying water, the soil was bone dry which is never good for a seedling.

At night time, humidity greatly improved and there’s no need to add any water at lights out. Also, it started to sprout but the shell coat is still attached.


On the third day, the seedling completed its germination process. It shed the coating completely and grounded the tap root into the soil.


Justgrowin noticed that the seed membrane is still attached to the seedling, so he went ahead and removed it.

30 minutes later, the little Blue Dream Auto sprout started opening up and soaking in the lights.



Day five and she has some true leaves coming to life. Seems like she also shot up and grew a couple of inches overnight. Now, she gives a very lanky impression to anyone who sees her.

Justgrowin even had to add more Miracle-Gro soil and a few drops of water to give her some support.


Today must be her christening because Justgrowin decided to name her “Edna”. It may also be Edna’s birthday because he’s moving her to a new home.

Edna also grew a few root tips that’s starting to sprawl out on to the bigger plant. He knew he had to move her out of there immediately.

So, he filled a 5-gallon soft pot with a bag of potting soil with leaving about 2-inches from the top. Then, made a hole and put her in it along with all the soil in the toilet paper roll.

As for her lights, one red with blue spectrum LED and one full spectrum with green LED lights are placed directly 12” away from her.


Five days into vegetation and Edna is already standing tall. After watering, Justgrowin added more soil to the pot to further stabilize her stem. By adding more soil, he expects the roots to grow more.

After all that, he also adjusted the lights down to 8” to stop Edna from stretching any further.


Before going to bed, he watered her a little and once again covered her with a glass mason jar. By this morning, she looks like she is ready to spread her wings and fly.

Then, he lowered the lights again to 6” because she really would not stop stretching. However, he added another 28-watts full spectrum, including green by the side lines.


Justgrowin is having some problems with the light. They do not seem to be bringing in much heat for Edna. So, the glass mason jar is back on for four hours and then an hour off until he really has to turn the lights out according to the light cycle.


Still on a budget, he made Edna the Blue Dream Auto her very own grow room today. With some leftover drywall, he made a 2’ x 2’ x 2.5’ box lined with aluminum foil. Then, Justgrowin drilled some holes for electric lines then covered it with duct tape.

The lights are now only 2 to 3 inches away from her.


Edna’s looking pretty today. With her first set of true leaves coming to life, she’s looking magnificent. Justgrowin was also able to stop her stretching, finally.

He also gave her a bigger home by recycling one of the vanities inside his home. It makes the Blue Dream Auto comfortable, heated and have extra space all around her. Not to mention, if not for some extension cords sticking out of the vanity, it’s totally concealed.

He also added another 60-watts LED to hopefully increase the heat for Edna.


This resourceful grow would not stop with his ingenuity. He added a CFL to his grow room by attaching it to a back scratcher and a little bit of duct tape.


Day 12 of vegetation and Edna is finally growing some more. Actually, this is only a photo sent to him by a friend. He’s going away for a few days and is very worried of Edna.

She looks like she needs to drink already, but Justgrowin is still careful and is too afraid he would drown her.


After four days of no food or water, Edna looks dry and lonely. Justgrowin’s going to take some time to give her extra care today.

Whatever he did seems to have worked well with her. As soon as night fell, she has already perked up and seems to be a lot happier.


Looks like some nutrient burns got to Edna. Some of the leaves are becoming a little bit yellowish and dry. He’s blaming the soil, which he thinks is too hot for a tiny plant as her. However, as this Blue Dream Auto is getting bigger, he knows she can handle the soil now and would not do much about it.

Justgrowin gave her 16 oz. of water to tide her over at least. And, as if a miracle passed by in his grow room and resurrected the dried-up leaf back to life.


First casualty for Edna. Not really, but the tips of her leaves got stuck to the water bottle as Jusgrowin was giving her 16 oz. of drink.


This girl is definitely growing bigger each day. Today, she drank 24 oz. of water instead of the usual 16.


The Blue Dream Auto got into an accident. Justgrowin had to put her in the grow room as he was trying to connect the cords in the vanity to the ones in there. As he was messing with the cords, he bumped her and knocked her down.

Even if he hurriedly put her in her pot, the damage has been done.


Edna’s still recovering from her three-foot fall. She did fell face down, so some of her leaves still look like a taco. However, there are others that look better than before.

Justgrowin’s hoping that a little “yoga” as he calls it, or LST (low stress training) is going to perk her back up. He used some twine to tie around the bottom set of leaves and tie that around the handle of the fabric pot.


This Blue Dream Auto that Justgrowin is nourishing is one tough plant. Only a week since her accidental fall and she has already recovered.

Not to mention, she’s grown strong enough to snap the twine for her LST. But Justgrowin is more stubborn than she is. He’s going to give her another LST to develop more bud sites.

It’s turning to be a battle of tenaciousness. Not even 10 minutes later she already snapped out of the LST, so he needed to find another way to produce more bud sites. The last resort that he could think of was ScrOG, or Screen of Green.

Sticking to his budget, he decided to use beer can holders as his net. He only had to add $1 for the zip ties.


35 days since sprouting from seeds and only a day since scrogging Edna. She looks like she’s ready to push the net off of her with at least three more sites developing.



First pistil sighting today. As Justgrowin puts it, “she is a typical rebellious teenager.” For him, flowering at 36 days is too early, even for an auto.

At least she’s responding to the scrog, with new sites pushing through the net. Although, since he put the net on, she’s been drier than usual. Before closing in, he gave her about 1/2 gallon of water.


Edna went from four bud sites to six in one evening. Justgrowin has a great eye for spotting bud sites, one was hiding under the net. He needed to cut through the net to let this tiny one through.


More bud sites in only five days. This Blue Dream Auto is one fast grower, she now has up to eight bud sites on her now.
That’s not the only thing she has, Edna also brought fungus gnats with her growth so Justgrowin had to use 1/2 gallon of peroxide water to get rid of them. This would get rid of the eggs and larvae on contact.

For the adult gnats, “Forget chemicals like peroxide,” Bigbananafeet said. “Just put a layer of cinnamon on top of the dirt.” He says cinnamon burns adult gnats, making them incapable of laying more eggs.

Justgrowin did sprinkle cinnamon on top and is hoping that it would do the trick. He’s convinced that the eggs and larvae were killed by the peroxide bath he gave Edna earlier.


45 days from seed and Edna finally got her first official feeding today.

  • 2 tbsp. Scotts Super Bloom
  • 1/2 gallon of water

The problem with the fungus gnats was not solved by the cinnamon and peroxide bath. He also sprinkled diatomaceous earth (DE) to lessen the fungus gnats in there.


Something must have gone wrong along the way. Edna started flowering and then stopped. She has not grown any larger nor did she have any more buds. The pistils that she started having also did not grow into the prosperous buds there should be.

Anyway, he still gave her another round of feeding:

  • 2 tbsp. Scotts Super Bloom
  • 1/2 gallon of water


Long time no post because Justgrowin got pissed because Edna turned out to be a runt. He’s suspecting that the flowering or pistil sighting that it had was really premature. Even the training that once started, did not add any value to the plant.
Nonetheless, he still continues the feeding schedule for Edna.


Maybe this Blue Dream Auto only needed a good push to really start growing. It’s been only five days and she suddenly had a lot of buds growing out of her. Not just ordinary buds, but sticky and tight ones.

She also started taking in more water than usual. Edna now drinks a gallon each day.


Tiny gnats once again manifested last night, so after a quick flush, Edna was left in the dark. Today, she goes down. Well, most of her fan leaves and sugar leaves were trimmed already. With those gone, she’s weighing in at 108 grams.

Justgrowin’s going to give her another day in the drying room at 70°F and 45% RH. After that, she’s going into jars with 58% Boveda Packs.


The weigh in is final: Edna’s 36 grams after the final trim. 25 grams went into the jar and is being burped for 10 minutes, twice a day.

Quality Does Not Mean Expensive

There were some bumps during Justgrowin’s journey to Edna’s harvest. Nonetheless, he was able to smoke at least 25 grams of dried up buds from her very own growing space. Also, with less than $100 in his pocket, he was able to grow from germination to harvest.

If there’s one important thing that Justgrowin was able to share with his grow journal, then it’s that quality does not mean expensive. If not for the rotten fungus gnats swarming around his grow, his buds would have been a lot fatter. With the everyday things found inside a home, he was able to nurture a tiny seed to harvest.

High-end equipment, expensive nutrients or even high-priced seeds do not secure quality. It‚Äôs the growers‚Äô perseverance, knowledge and love for the craft that sets them through.”

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