Let’s Clear Up Some Common Misconceptions About Weed Beer

I write about weed, but that does not mean that I lack an appreciation for beer. As a matter of fact I am drinking one right now. If you pay attention to your beer news, you’re probably aware that the creator of Blue Moon, the Belgian style wheat beer that is too mainstream to be considered a craft beer, but too tasty to be considered a crap beer, is coming up with a new type of weed beer.

What exactly is weed beer, you might be wondering? There are some pretty common misconceptions about Blue Moon’s weed beer, and other existing weed beers on the market.

It’s Federally Illegal to Infuse Cannabis and Alcohol

That’s right, weed beer is technically illegal. So how can it possibly be considered as such? All weed beers that are currently on the market consist of alcohol and hemp. This doesn’t get you high. Rather, your beer just tastes an awful lot like weed. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on the beer. It reminds me of when I used to garnish my beers with weed stems from my stash. This didn’t get me high, but it tasted pretty dope with the right beer.

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    So What Makes it Weed Beer, Then?

    So, you might be wondering how Blue Moon is getting away with it. They found what should be a pretty obvious loophole: not putting any alcohol in the beer. This weed beer will have actual weed, but there will not be any beer. It’s supposed to get you pretty lit though, according to the team that concocted the cannabis formula that will make up Blue Moon’s weed beer. As a matter of fact, the different formulas are supposed to mimic the different effects that you get from smoking different strains of weed. There will be one type that gives you the euphoria of a good sativa like Green Crack, and another that will no doubt make you feel relaxed, just like a good Trainwreck.

    What do you know about weed beer? Image Source: imgur

    So, is it Really Weed Beer?

    Technically yes you can still consider Blue Moon’s new drink a weed beer. It will still taste like a good brew and it will mimic the effects of beer. There just won’t be any alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer is technically still considered a beer, even though you would need to something like thirty of them to feel anything that could be construed as a buzz. Unlike O’Douls, this beer will actually catch you a decent buzz.

    I personally can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until the fall, and even then it will only be in Colorado. Ah, well. Fortunately there are other weed beers available for my consumption.

    I feel like this is only the beginning as far as the marriage between weed and beer goes. I think we will continue to see more adventurous brewers take the plunge and brew a weed beer of their own. And you know what, I will be right there, asking for a free sample.

    Featured image Source: abvchicago.com

    Will you try Blue Moon’s new weed beer? What have your experiences with cannabis brews been like? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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