The Best Marijuana Smoking Equipment

Bongs, Pipes, and Vaporizers Anyone who’s seen a movie in which weed makes an appearance somehow has probably seen a variety of different smoking equipment. Humans have long [...]

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The Best Bong of 2016

Bongs and smoking apparatuses have existed for thousands of years dating as far back as 300 BC. Modern day bongs are drastically different from their primitive counterparts and off[...]

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Cannabis Planet TV Shows Has Become Very Popular

Cannabis planet is a television program that promotes the use of marijuana. It got started in July of 2009. The people of the show is basically letting other people who watch the p[...]

  • Lifestyle
How to roll a joint – Classic

Our friends from the Daily Smoker made this nice instruction video on how to roll a classic joint…

  • Lifestyle
Snoop dogg detained in Norway for marijuana posses...

Snoop dogg fined for bringing eight grams of marijuana into customs Norwegian customs officials fined snoop dogg for carrying a small quantity of marijuana and a large amount of fo[...]

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Short marijuana history

China/India Marijuana plant prints have been found in Chinese pots dating back 4000 years B.C. The Chinese used hemp specially for textile, but also as a medicine. In 2737 B.C. it [...]

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