Pot Culture: Tools, Tips & Tricks From Today’s Weed Scene

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Let’s pause a sec to appreciate just how far pot culture has come…


It got rocky for a minute–or half-century–there, when competing interests started seeing dollar signs. But a person has to stretch the truth pretty far these days to come up with a half-baked reason why weed deserves to be illegal. Too much information, first-hand experience, and YouTube videos of young kids using cannabis to stop seizures have floated way out into the mainstream for that nonsense. When you look around at all the states that took the step to legalize, it’s meant countless new jobs, lower crime rates, clean streets, and increased budgets for school systems. What’s not to like?

The best part of so much progress is all the fun new ways of gettin’ medicated!

I popped into a pipe shop with my dad on the way to a Cubs game recently. All he could say was, “it’s so scientific!” And I realized: he still pictured pot smoking like the converted aluminum can he’d used to smoke with his high school pals and a dry bag of Acapulco Gold–the kind of stuff today’s pot smokers would toss in the trash. To buy a bong was a big deal and vaporizer technology hadn’t even begun to blossom.

Too many pot smokers are still stuck in a restrictive (and unhealthy!) past. Whether it’s because of local laws or there are just too many advances to keep up with, it’s in your herbal interest to start maximizing the health and fun benefits and minimizing parts you don’t like–the amount of control you can have over your smoke sesh these days makes for an incredibly customized experience! So don’t worry, we’ll help you catch up.

Cannabis culture has been upgraded in three critical ways:


The good stuff! Marijuana has really hit its prime in these last few years. Courtesy of all the gardeners, scientists, and health nuts out there– the industry’s been benchmarked with some serious standards that allow us to take control over what we want and don’t want in our weed supply. Here’s a few elements of the plant we can now determine:

qualities of cannabis
  • THC / CBD Ratio: These are the active ingredients people are generally looking for in their plant material. THC tends to be the mind-altering component; CBD is not psychoactive, giving you its famous “relaxation without intoxication.”
  • Desired Cognitive Effects: Like it low key or prefer an energetic sesh? The different ratios we describe above offer a personalized high (or not-so-high). If you’re an anxious type–there’s a strain for that. If you don’t wanna get sleepy–there’s a sativa concentrate you’ll just love.
  • Health Benefits: CBD is what stopped a seizure on live television, but your average pot strain has been helping people sleep, digest, de-stress, un-inflame joints, and balance moods for centuries. At zero risk of overdose, cannabis prescriptions have even reduced opiate deaths by 1-in-4 in medical states.
  • Organic Growing Methods: American consumers have had it with the nonsense. They have sprung to attention for total control over what mysterious chemicals and GMOs are being slipped into food and medicine. Pot’s no different. Whether you grow your own or shop at the dispensary, it’s easier than ever before to find out just how clean the grow op is.
  • Oil & Wax Concentrates: Pot smoking has reached a level of convenience it’s never seen before. Concentrates have condensed the best of weed’s active ingredients down to a liquid (oil or e-juice), honey (wax or dabs), or glasslike (shatter) consistency. This makes for an extra-intense sesh with a rig or a perfectly portable lift on the go.

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    The fun stuff. The cannabis plant has stepped into an image refined from dirty hippies to cutting edge science, and so have the tools that we use to take advantage of our herbs. Delivery systems have evolved with an eye on healthy, stealth, and potent puffs. Chefs, artists, and engineers have all taken the ingestion process to such an incredible new level, it’s hard to imagine where there is left to go from here!

    • Percolators: Percs bubble away toxins with the natural cleansing power of water, and soothe your smoke for easy-dreamy inhales. They come in all shapes, sizes, and combinations. The best percs are typically found in sturdy, scientific glass like Grav Labs’ impressive Honeycomb Perc straight tube bong.
    • Vaporizers: Steady, gentle heat keeps vapor significantly more pure than your average smoke cloud. Dry herbs, oils, wax, and shatter have all benefited from this clean-cloud technology. It even eliminates the use of butane lighters so many enthusiasts have switched to fiddling with a hemp wick to avoid! You can plop your vape right on the coffee table or you can take it to go. It’s a futuristic smoking alternative that’ll have you looking around for flying cars.
    • Portability: Wireless pens and discreet stealth pipes are here to help you break dated lazy-stoner stereotypes with battery power, smartphone compatibility, and subtle vapor aromas. You can take ‘em to the beach, ballpark, concert, couch, or out for a lunch break pick-me-up.
    portable vaporizer
    • Sophistication: Gritty soda cans and apples-turned-pipes be gone! (No judgement!) Professionals and parents with a responsible image to uphold have made sure cannabis culture is a far cry from makeshift grunge. Nowadays, pot smokers can find themselves the perfect device that’s sophisticated in its internal functions as well as its outward aesthetic.


    Are we the only ones who get sent to buy pipes and papers for our other enthusiast friends? Even medical patients complain they don’t need coworkers, kids, or community members to know they have a preference for pot. While shameless pot pride has reached unprecedented levels, some of us still enjoy our enthusiasm from the privacy of our own home. Luckily, the cannaboom has brought us discreet Amazon-style shipments right to our doorstep! Whether you’re looking for seeds to grow your own weed or the perfect pipe to smoke it out of, online shopping has stepped up to help you make an informed purchase you don’t have to be all bashful about. Today’s cannabis customers are cops, grandmas, students, professionals–an A to Z list of lifestyles. And you can buy everything from herbs to attys with the information you need laid out in front of you (as compared to trusting a storefront seller to give you all the details).

    In fact, use the code “ILGM” at checkout for 10% Off your DopeBoo purchase!

    There’s no doubt about. The weed scene has really grown into itself and we’re feeling proud as a mama bear about it. Growers and cloudmakers have revolutionized this budding industry in a way previous generations couldn’t have imagined. It’s quite a time to be alive! So thank your local activist, cause now we can all get down with modern science.

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    marijuana grow bible
    • Grow With My Quick Start Guide
    • Discover Secrets To Big Yields
    • Avoid Common Grow Mistakes

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