With PreRolls Everywhere, Why Should I Learn to Roll Joints?

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One thing that has become rather common in this age of legalized weed is a PreRoll, aka a pre rolled joint. When you walk into your local neighborhood dispensary, one of the first things you’re going to notice is the deals on PreRolls, and there are a lot of them. Every time I go into the dispensary it’s common for me to walk out with around four or five PreRolls. I love PreRolls, mostly because when it comes to smoking weed, I am a person of convenience.

Why roll a joint when I can just go to the weed store and buy four of them on a four for twenty deal? There are a number of reasons why you should still know how to roll a proper joint, despite the abundance of PreRolls everywhere.

Even when buying PreRolls you should learn how to roll joints. Image Source: 420 Magazine

What if There’s No Dispensary Nearby?

If there’s no dispensary nearby, and you want to smoke a joint, you’re out of luck, unless you know how to roll one. Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to become dependent on dispensaries; I know I am. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not always going to be near a dispensary. You might end up in a part of your state where there is not one for hundreds of miles. California may have legalized recreational weed, but individual towns still get to decide whether or not to allow sales in their towns. It’s worth noting that many towns in California do not allow weed sales.

You might also have the misfortune of traveling to a state or country where cannabis is still not legal (yes, those still exist). Perhaps you’re traveling for work or going back to your parents’ house in a state like Idaho, which will probably be the last in the US to legalize weed. If you find yourself in that situation, you should absolutely know how to roll your own joints, because bruh the nearest PreRoll is miles and miles away.

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    You Don’t Have Anything to Smoke From

    If you’re in a situation where there is not only no dispensary nearby and you have nothing to smoke out of, you should be prepared to roll a joint. That is, unless you want to smoke out of a can, or something gross like that. No one wants that, hence why you should be prepared to roll a joint.

    Rolling a Joint is a Lost Art

    Rolling a joint is a lost art in this day and age of modern smoking techniques. It’s a skill that many have forgotten, or have not even bothered to learn in the first place. Any of my parents’ weed smoking friends would know how to roll a joint, but I cannot guarantee that all of my friends know how to. Rolling a joint is one of those skills that you may not need to use all that often, but is still a good skill to have. Think of rolling a joint as a good survival skill for stoners. So, if you don’t know how to roll a joint, you should probably figure out how to roll one.

    Featured Image Source: Massroots

    Do you know how to roll joints, or do you depend on PreRolls? Is rolling a joint a lost art? Tell us in the comment section below!

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