Screw a White Wedding, I Want a Weed Wedding

Unlike other girls, I’ve never spent too much time focusing on my wedding day. Actually, I’ve never thought about it. The whole concept of a wedding always seemed kind of dumb and a waste of money to me. Why spend thousands of dollars on a single day, when I could just use that money to, well, buy some dank buds. Then I saw that weed weddings were a thing. Now, I can’t wait to get married, but I don’t want a white wedding. I want a weed wedding.

Weed weddings are all the rage in Colorado right now. They’re just like a regular wedding, insomuch as there is a wedding party, a ceremony, and a reception, but with one crucial difference: weed.

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    Weed Bouquets!

    In place of a bouquet filled with boring old flowers, the bride can get a bouquet filled with beautiful buds. This florist will design any bouquet that you choose for your weed wedding. The best part is after the ceremony, you get to smoke it!  I would recommend choosing a bouquet of regular flowers, mixed with some particularly colorful buds, such as Purple Urkle, accented with a bright neon green bud like Green Crack. That’s what I’m going to get anyway.

    weed wedding bouquet
    Look at this beautiful weed bouquet! Image Source: LA Weekly

    Open Dab Bar!

    You know how often people get sloppy drunk at weddings? It happens a lot. People get in fights, someone ends up in tears, and possibly hauled off in a police car. Why is this? It’s usually because weddings have open bars. In the case of a weed wedding, the open bar is replaced with a cannabis bar. Can you imagine how much more chill your wedding would be if instead of pounding free booze, your guests were indulging in free dabs? I don’t know about you, but I would much rather hang around high people than drunk people.

    Even a Weed Wedding Dress?

    I love weed so much, I would probably want my wedding dress to be made from cannabis, if such a thing were possible. Well, as it turns out, such a thing is possible. I’m talking of course about having a dress made from hemp. There are a number of advantages to having a wedding dress made from hemp. First of all, it’s much less expensive than your standard wedding dress. The idea of dropping a few hundie on a dress dress I’m only going to wear once seems like a waste of money. More importantly, a dress made from hemp is far more eco friendly than a regular wedding dress. As such, it seems perfect for a weed wedding!

    My thoughts on marriage are still the same, but I would love to throw myself a weed wedding, just for the experience. We can get divorced the next day or just not sign the marriage license.

    It’s crazy, years ago I would have never imagined cannabis becoming such a fad among the higher end types who throw dinner parties and fancy weddings, but here we are. The fact that people are now planning out their dream weed wedding is a sign that cannabis culture has changed for good, regardless of whether or not you want it to.

    Featured Image Source: YouTube

    Will you have a weed wedding? Tell us in the comments!


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