Are Silicone Bongs Worth it?

I’ll admit it, when silicone bongs first became popular I was a bit skeptical. After all, I started my smoking career smoking from acrylic bongs, which once you’ve used glass, acrylic is just nowhere near as good. It just tastes like shit, you know? So, you can imagine my reticence to try a silicone bong. I mean, a rubber bong? How can that possibly measure up to glass? I gotta tell you that folks, silicone bongs are awesome and here are the reasons why.

They are Indestructible

Yes, I know a lot of companies like to promise that their pieces are indestructible, but silicone bongs really are indestructible. Seriously, you could throw that thing against the wall and you would still never break it. These things are a godsend to clumsy smokers who’ve broken more pipes and bongs than they have fingers. They’re also the perfect pieces for parties!

You Can Wash Silicone Bongs in the Dishwasher

For those of you who absolutely hate cleaning your glass, this is probably the best news that you’ve ever heard. Silicone bongs are made from food grade silicone, so they are perfectly safe to throw in the dishwasher when they get too gross. Many of them come with a silicone downstem and bowl too, so you can throw the whole thing in there. No fuss, no muss, literally.

They Don’t Taste Bad

Even before I began smoking from glass I thought acrylic tasted funny. Then I began smoking from glass and I realized acrylic tasted absolutely disgusting. I had similar reservations about smoking from a silicone bong. It turns out that my fears were completely unfounded. There is really not that much of a taste to speak of, other than the taste of the herb.

Perfect for Putting Ice in

Silicone bongs are perfect for putting ice in because the material keeps the ice frozen just a bit longer, thus ensuring you have ice cold hits for multiple sessions. As another plus, you don’t have to worry about ice cubes falling and breaking your downstem on accident.

silicone elephants super cute

Perfect for Travel

Silicone bongs are perfect for transporting from place to place, as you can easily throw them in a suitcase or backpack and not worry about them breaking from being jostled around. Take your silicone bong on a camping trip. Take it on a road trip cross country and pose with it at different monuments. Okay, maybe not that last one.

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They Come in Tons of Fun Colors

I know aesthetics are not nearly as important as functionality, but as someone who loves bright colors, I was super stoked to find that silicone bongs were available in so many different colors. The one that I got from Piecemaker is cotton candy pink with bits of blue and perfect for a sometimes girly girl like me. I strongly recommend going for one that glows in the dark, for an extra bit of fun at parties.

All this talk about silicone bongs makes me want to go smoke from mine. Cheers!

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Have you tried a silicone bong? What are your thoughts. Are they worth it? Tell us in the comments below!

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2 comments on “Are Silicone Bongs Worth it?”

  1. One thing to mention: Be sure the one you buy is BPA-free. US-made silicone bongs are because they have to conform with US FDA regulations.

  2. I have a silicone bing myself and it works pretty well and Has not broke yet (that was a joke) i would recommend this for any body just trying to get stoned