Straight Bongs vs Beaker Bongs: Which is Better?

Glass bongs can come in a number of different shapes and sizes, but there are two main types that we’ll focus on today: straight bongs and beaker bongs. Both are quality bongs, but which is the superior one? Let’s explore that now.

Beaker Bongs Break Less Often

Beaker base bongs tend to be a lot harder to tip over, because they come with a thick and strong beaker base. If you’re the type of stoner who tends to be a bit klutzy when you’re high (or really just in general), then a beaker bong is definitely the right choice for you. The low center of gravity makes it so you have to really be trying to knock that sucker down!

Straight Bongs are Easier to Clean

Straight tube bongs are a lot easier to clean than beaker base bongs. The issue is of course with the base. Depending on how wide the beaker base is on your bong, it can be pretty hard to reach in there with a standard brush or other cleaning supplies.

This can often leave your bong covered in streaks of grime, leaving it looking filthy and gross. This is not the case with straight tube bongs, which are very simple to clean, even if you just want to swish some water around inside the bong.

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Beaker Bongs Hold More Water

Because of the shape of the base, beaker bongs hold a greater volume of water than straight tube bongs. This of course means a larger chamber, meaning more smoke, and more high for you! If you want the largest amount of smoke possible, then a beaker bong is going to be the direction you want.

beaker bong vs straight bong
Do you prefer beaker base or straight tube bongs? Image Source: Mountain High Glass Company

Straight Tube Bongs are More Customizable

Straight tube bongs are more customizable, that is they are often available with different accessories that you can switch in and out, such as chambers with glycerin coils. Blaze Glass in particular has a neat line of mix and match bongs.

Beaker Bongs Have Less Splashback

Beaker bongs have way less splashback than a straight bong. This is because of the beaker base as you may have guessed. You can also reduce splashback by attaching a pre cooler to your bong. It’s hard to avoid splashback, but a beaker base bong is probably your best bet.

Verdict: Beaker Base Wins!

The Beaker base bong is the one that reigns supreme! Of course this is all completely arbitrary. All bongs are good bongs. Go smoke em up!

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Which do you prefer beaker or straight tube? Tell us in the comments!

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