This Is Why Your Bong Stinks

It’s that time. You’re about to load a fresh bowl in your favorite piece and you notice that horrible stench. Oh no, it’s your bong. So now you’ve noticed that your bong stinks. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

You’re Not Changing the Water Enough

This one is obvious, right? You’d think so, but a lot of stoners do not change their bong water enough and that is one of the main reasons why your bong stinks. A lot of people think that changing it every day is enough, but it’s really not. You should be changing the water every time you use it, that is if you want to keep your glass nice and unfunkified. When water sits stagnant for long periods of time it starts to accumulate bacteria, and then it starts to smell.

Combine that with the groadies that collect on the sides of your bong and you’ve got a stink bomb on your hands. The more frequently you leave water in your bong, the less time it will take to collect build up and start to stink. Clean your bong after each use. I know cleaning a bong last thing that you want to do after a good sesh, but if you do it enough, it becomes a habit. Your glass will stay fresh so much longer. Your bong will thank you.

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Your Bong Is Plastic

If you’re a real adult then you should have invested money in a quality glass piece by now. For those of you who are still smoking out of a plastic bong, you should be aware that all plastic bongs stink. Even if you’re really diligent about cleaning it, your bong stinks. Anyone who’s had a plastic bong is knows that they smell bad to begin with. Eventually the stale bong smell that we all despise permeates the plastic and that’s pretty much it for your piece. That smell will never come out.

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    You’ve Got Too Much Resin Built Up

    That bong gunk that I mentioned earlier? That’s resin build up. That’s the main reason why your bong stinks. When you don’t clean out your bong enough and/or you let the water sit in there too long then the resin starts to build up, and damn that stuff stinks. If you want to prevent resin from building up in your bong then you should clean it after every use. When I say clean, I mean rinse out with iso alcohol, salt, and water. Emptying and changing the water can only do so much. Another way resin builds up quicker is if you are sucking your bowls through. This is why you should be smoking with a screen at all times.  If your bong already stinks then it’s even more imperative that you start practicing good bong hygiene habits. You should probably go clean your bong after you read this.

    If you’ve invested the money into a nice high quality glass piece, then you really should take the time to care for it. In my earlier smoking days I did not take care of my pieces as well as I should have and I regret that. Cleaning my bong is not that much of a hassle. I find the process a pretty relaxing to tell you the truth. It’s all part of owning good glass. Your weed also tastes a lot better when you’re smoking out of a clean piece. You know this. Take care of your piece.

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    marijuana grow bible
    • Grow With My Quick Start Guide
    • Discover Secrets To Big Yields
    • Avoid Common Grow Mistakes

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