More ways to keep your grow on the DL

We‘ve talked before about how to keep your grow on the DL. Here are some more dank suggestions for keeping the law off your back.

Watch Out for Extra Light Escaping Your House

When you drive past a house and notice one room where the lights seem to be on all the time, what do you usually think? If it were me, I would probably guess that you were growing some weed. This is especially the case if it appears to me that you tried to cover up your windows, but maybe did a really half assed job?

In order to keep your grow on the DL make sure that you are covering up your windows and doors in your grow room sufficiently. Try using egg crate mattresses to block out the light. I think you’ll find they are more effective than cardboard boxes.

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    Keep it Mum

    One of the things that I’ve learned throughout the years that I’ve been around stoners is that people love to brag about the things they are doing that are illegal or dangerous. You should really stop bragging about your grow. First of all, we are tired of hearing about it. Your grow is no different from my grow, or anyone else’s. Secondly, you are being dumb. You never know who is listening. That awesome stoner chick you just started hanging out from the farmer’s market may very well be a cop, so stop trying to impress her with all of the illegal shit you’re doing. Stop telling people you grow. Mum’s the word as they say.

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    Don’t Throw Your Trim in the Garbage

    Far too many people are not careful when they are disposing of their trim. Far too many people end up just tossing it in the trash, and brother, if you do that, you are begging to get caught. You shouldn’t be throwing away that trim anyway. There are plenty of things you can do with that leftover trim.

    Don’t Get Too Comfortable

    This is especially the case if you’re growing in a state or country where cannabis is still illegal. You should always be on your toes. A little paranoia is a good thing, especially when you’re trying to keep your grow on the DL. Paranoia ensures that you’re being cautious, which means that you’re most likely not going doing dumb things like leaving empty bags of nutrients in your garbage can, or transporting your plants in your car. Never get too comfortable

    Don’t Be Suspicious!

    By the same token, if you want to keep your grow on the DL, make sure that you’re not engaging in any other illegal or suspicious activity. Don’t smoke weed in your car, or in front of your house. Don’t have loud parties that are sure to attract the attention of the cops. Maintain a good relationship with your neighbors so they don’t have reason to become suspicious and rat you out. Also, if you lock yourself out of your house, make sure no one sees you do anything like climbing through your window. That is actually illegal and someone may call the fuzz on you.

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    How else do you keep your grow on the DL? Tell us in the comments!


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