What are Glycerin Coils? Do I need them?

You may have been hearing a lot about glycerin coils lately, or at least I have. They’re designed to keep your bong cool for hours at a time, which i can tell you results in some pretty smooth and tasty hits. So, what exactly are glycerin coils, and why should you use them in your bong?

Regular Bongs are Sweet, They Can be Pretty Harsh

A regular bong on its own is a pretty great thing. That cool water makes your hits taste great and makes it a lot less harsh on your lungs. We realized that smoking from a water pipe in and of itself wasn’t sufficient, and this is why we started putting ice in our bongs. This worked great for a while, but ice melts as we quickly realized. We also realized that ice melts pretty fast. There had to be a better way, right?

Enter Glycerin Coils!

This is where glycerin coils come in handy. So, you might be wondering what exactly glycerin coils are. They work essentially the same way that ice catchers and ice notches do, except they stay cold for a lot longer and they don’t melt the way ice does. This is because glycerin coils consist of freezable glass tubes that can be detached and reattached to the bong. Glycerin coils are glass chambers filled with liquid glycerin, as well as glass coils through which the smoke passes through.

Like an ice catcher, these coils work to cool and slow the smoke entering your lungs, thereby reducing the stress put on your lungs.

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    How Do Glycerin Coils Work?

    Glycerin coils are accessories that can be detached and easily reattached to your bong after you place them in the freezer for a couple hours. This enables you to take ice cold bong hit after ice cold bong hit. After the bong cools, you put away the coil attachment until the next use. Make sure that you place the coil in the freezer for a couple hours before you try to use it.

    These are Safe, Right?

    The liquid glycerin in glycerin coil attachments is not the same as the glycerin used to make explosives. It’s far from it. Glycerin is used as a natural preservation method for many of the perishable foods you eat, so it’s perfectly safe for you to use. Your bong is not going to suddenly combust on you!

    Many of the brands that you know and trust such as GravLabs have their own sets of glycerin coils, many of which can be mixed and matched with their bong sets. If you’re into changing things up frequently, I suggest that you give them a try!

    Cons of Coils

    These things are a bitch to clean, especially if you don’t clean your pieces as often as you should. After you’ve been using the same set for a while, it can take a bit longer for the set of coils to freeze. I’d say if you were going to invest in some glycerin coils, then you should definitely go with the top quality brands.


    Overall, glycerin coils are fantastic if you love ice cold hits from your bong (and who doesn’t?) then you should check out some glycerin coils. They’ve certainly enhanced my smoking experience.

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    Have you tried glycerin coils? Are they worth it? Share in the comments!


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