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At COPPER CBD we have long been advocates of self-care.  We believe that self-care and self-love are paramount in the journey to better physical and mental health. Whether your goal is to relieve or alleviate pain, reduce anxiety or depression, improve sleep or simply practice general mental and physical health, we have an application for you. We believe that the proper use of our CBD Oils can help anyone at any stage in their life to feel better and live fuller lives.

Our mission at COPPER is to provide you with the highest quality broad spectrum CBD products available in The United States today. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of the products we have developed in partnership with our hand selected hemp farmers. We choose our partners based off their commitment to premium raw products and the best extraction processes.

Our current line of CBD products includes capsules, tinctures, topicals and pet products. In the near future we’ll be adding more to our CBD line with new edibles and vapes and even introducing a premium Delta-8 line.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our products with you and look forward to hearing your feedback! Use discount code “ILOVECOPPERCBD” for 20% off on your first purchase!

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    Alphagreen: When passion for technology and innovation meets care for health and general wellbeing. Alphagreen is a premium online retailer that specialises in high-quality CBD products and alternative wellness supplements. The company is the brainchild of two enthusiasts Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko and is based in the UK and Germany, with team members scattered around the world. 

    Alphagreen provides customers with a curated collection of premium brands and products that have been carefully selected to gather the crème de la crème of the healthcare products market in one place. The company’s mission is to destigmatise CBD and alternative wellness supplements, simplify your entire experience and educate the consumer about the best ways to enhance one’s wellbeing.

    What’s more, Alphagreen Academy is the trusted source for the latest research in the alternative healthcare field. From determining the right dosage to choosing a suitable product and brands that you can trust, with various evidence-based articles from Alphagreen’s educational blog will help you along every step of your wellness journey. Also, Alphagreen Academy includes guides for modern supplements, treatment options, spots where you can try out CBD and top products on the website.

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    41Naturals is the finest marketplace for the latest natural supplements, hemp extract, and skin products to help promote a healthy lifestyle.  Our mission is to help our customers make better-informed decisions with the products they consume or apply at a competitive price through our strategic partners.  All products we carry have been thoroughly vetted to ensure the best quality in the marketplace today.  As we strive to become the premier platform for natural remedies, we are driven to exceed your E-shopping experience from purchase to delivery.  We hope to inspire a natural healthy lifestyle with our carefully selected brands.

    WE R CBD

    WE R CBD was established from a deep passion to provide the industries highest quality products. Manufactured here in the United States with only the highest quality ingredients, our team takes pride in knowing that you will be consuming the best product out in the market.

    CBD is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa plants, CBD however can still be found in many other plants, the most common being the hemp plant. Hemp is gown legally in many states in the United States, this is allowed because the plants grow with a minimal amount of the THC. During our extraction process we are able to fully remove any THC remnants allowing us to carry a THC FREE product.

    Made for CBD

    Made for CBD is one of the largest online marketplaces to find all your favorite CBD brands and products. We carry CBD oils, capsules, sprays, topical creams, vape oil, dry hemp flower, wax, isolates, gummies, pills and much more.

    We are committed to bring the highest grade CBD to our customers. Return customers are our number one reason for being in business. We strive to make sure our shipping is the fastest, our service is best and our products are second to none.


    REBEL is leading the industry in bringing hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products to the marketplace. Our mission is for everyone to reclaim wellness and achieve the highest well-being by leveraging the healing powers of 100% All-Natural plant-based oils & pure Organically-Grown CBD. We strive to educate the world on the benefits of hemp CBD and its synergistic effects when coupled with natural plant-based oils. Our line of CBD enhanced formulas is grown organically at a single source in Vermont, which produces some of the finest Hemp CBD available in the USA.

    By utilizing our unique Full-Spectrum CBD formula, we ensure the efficacy of each product we produce AND triple check each for purity by 3rd party labs. Our products were formulated to create synergistic effects between plant-based oils and Hemp CBD, which is unmatched to any other product on the market. You’ll be left with a sense of relief and clarity. Experience pure relief found only in REBEL CBD. Our hemp CBD products are legal in all 50 states and are used in foods as nutritional additives. These products can be consumed in many different forms, such as topicals, tinctures, gummies, edibles, and capsules.

    Download the Free Harvesting Guide to learn more about when and how to harvest your Marijuana plants. 

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      Balance CBD

      Our mission is to introduce the ultimate product line, ensuring the highest quality, all natural CBD products on the market so you feel safe and confident when committing to Balance CBD. We are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to bringing our consumers the best cutting-edge CBD products. We are here to ensure that our CBD community is taken care of on a wellness and holistic level to live their healthiest and happiest life.

      Using extensive formulations and the purest ingredients, we have created numerous CBD products such as oils, edibles, vapes, topicals, capsules and concentrates. It is our goal to provide a range of product options so that every consumer may enjoy the valuable effects of CBD in both body and spirit to create the perfect balance.

      Verified CBD

      This Florida based CBD shop is active since 2014. They ship worldwide and one of the pros is that shipping comes at no costs. They run a wide selection of oils, capsules, sprays, creams and edibles. All manufactured by Verified CBD. Check out Verified CBD at verifiedcbd.com.

      Bota Hemp

      Our mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle through education and premium CBD Hemp Extract based products. Utilizing our industry experts, athletes, partners and coaches we are committed to providing strategies and supporting products to help you achieve a better you. We believe CBD should be an essential part of all health focused lifestyle choices and at Bota Hemp we aim to provide the best products to fit that lifestyle. We offer a full line of premium full spectrum tinctures, salves and capsules made of the highest quality hemp derived CBD.

      Buy CBD Oil 


      Greenthevoteok is a website which reviews CBD, Vaporizers, and seed banks so that the buyer can make an educated guess while buying a product without getting scammed or getting low-quality product at a very high price.

      In addition to that, they run several deals on CBD every month. So that the readers can get the best deal.

      American Hemp Oil

      We started American Hemp Oil because of the inconsistencies in the CBD Hemp Oil market. There are a lot of amazing people being misled all over the web and we decided it is time to bring the consumers a brand they can know and trust. We wanted to give customers a way to control their issues, whatever that may be, without the use of prescription drugs and opioids that kill people each and every day. Something natural, real, affordable and made in America. Helping people is our main objective while running a business we and everyone else can be proud of. We don’t just offer accurate and consistent information about CBD. We are creators of exceptional CBD products and oils. Take the journey of surfing through our shop for the best-recommended CBD products. Please come and join the American Hemp Oil family and get the benefits you deserve.

      Industrial Hemp Farms

      IHF LLC is a Colorado-based hemp farming company. We successfully operate our own hemp farms in Colorado. IHF LLC wholesales CBD hemp biomass as well as clones and seeds with quality genetics. Our team is hungry and motivated to aggressively expand our operations and growth in the hemp sector. We strongly believe in making deals, connections, and contacts in the hemp industry.

      Every Day Optimal CBD

      Every Day Optimal CBD is one of the US top CBD suppliers. We pride ourselves in making pure CBD products that contain zero THC. Our CBD products are non-GMO and sourced from high-quality and organically grown industrial hemp. All our products are free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants and are backed by independent 3rd party testing to confirm accuracy and consistency.

      We offer a wide range of CBD products which include our pure CBD oil tinctures (from 300mg to 4000mg), CBD oil capsules, CBD gummies and chewing gum, CBD vape oils and our exclusive specialty lines for people suffering with fibromyalgia, sleep issues or seeking relief from stress and anxiety. Recently we have also added Pet CBD oil to our list of products and this will soon be available on our website.

      Our affiliate program is also one of the best in the industry. Partners can earn generous commissions for every sale they refer to us and they get to work directly with us and benefit from promoting a well-recognized brand with a proven reputation for producing only the highest-quality products.

      Check out Every Day Optimal CBD

      CBD Genesis

      CBD Vape Juice offers the best CBD products from top brands in the industry. We also make our own CBD e-liquid for our CBD Genesis and HempleBox brands. Use our high-quality CBD e-juice directly with your vaporizer or with your favorite e-liquids to feel calm and relaxed. CBD e-liquid uses all natural industrial hemp that is known for making people feel great without any negative effects. Find us at cbdvapejuice.net.

      Green Roads

      Green Roads has an awesome selection of CBD products with items you don’t often see elsewhere. Looking for CBD (Decaf) Coffee? Green Roads has got you covered. CBD Shatter in pineapple taste? Yup! And that’s in addition to the usual oils, syrups and candy. Have a look at greenroadsworld.com.

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        1. Along with indica and sativa, hybrid marijuana strains play a huge part in the diversity that makes up the world of cannabis plants. Understanding the characteristics and benefits of hybrid cannabis can help consumers tailor their recreational experience, as well as choose better medicine for particular illnesses and ailments.hybrid marijuana strains
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          Sativa vs indica only paints a partial picture of a strain’s effects, however. It’s also important to look at the ratio of THC and CBD, lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and THCV, as well as individual terpenes. These all play a role in how a hybrid strain works. Having a knowledge of these factors can help consumers choose an ideal strain. Even so, it can be difficult to know what effects a hybrid will produce before consuming it to find out. The best policy when trying any new strain is to start with a small amount and consume slowly.hybrid marijuana plant