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Growing on Water with Big Bud, Super Skunk, and AK-47 XTRM

Growing on Water with Big Bud, Super Skunk, and AK-47 XTRM: Growing Big Bud and Super Skunk Vegetative Phase Flowering Phase Simo78’s Unfailing Determination Growing marijuana plants is one of the most exciting hobbies a person can adopt. It involves […]

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Access to medical marijuana in Australia: An uphill battle

November 01, 2018, Australia Australia legalized the medical uses of marijuana two years ago. However, access to the therapeutic strain remains embroiled in bureaucratic red tape which makes it a lengthy and exhaustive process for the patients. Many Australians have […]

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Growing in Australia Capital Territory

Australia Capital Territory: Australian marijuana laws Australia Capital Territory information Specific growing laws The Australia Capital Territory, or ACT for short, is the federal district of Australia. Logically, Canberra (the capital city of Australia) is contained within the ACT. While […]

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Growing in Northern Territory, Australia

Northern Territory: Australian marijuana laws Northern Territory information Specific growing laws The Northern Territory is a place where it seems like it wants to be progressive, but so far their laws lag behind. There are strict penalties for people who […]

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Growing in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania: Australian marijuana laws Tasmania information Specific growing laws Tasmania is an island state in Australia that actually includes not only the large island but also more than three hundred smaller islands around it. Just over half a million residents […]

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Growing in South Australia

South Australia: Australian marijuana laws South Australia information Specific growing laws South Australia is in a logical location: the southern, central part of the state. It takes up the middle third of the southern coastline and borders all the other […]

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Growing in Western Australia

Western Australia: Australian marijuana laws Western Australia information Specific growing laws Western Australia is aptly named, as it encompasses the entire western third of the Australian continent. Although it is geographically vast, its population is quite sparse, leaving lots of […]

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Marijuana Legalization in Australia

Marijuana Legalization in Australia: The early days The 1920s through the 1960s The 1970s through today Medical marijuana in Australia Like many other countries and states have been doing, Australia has been going through a long process of acceptance of […]

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Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia: Northern Territory Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Australian Capital Territory Buying seeds I Love Growing Marijuana The Single Seed Centre Bonza Seeds Just like many other places around the world, […]

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