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January 29, 2020

Lucy is an excellent hybrid. Apart from having potent THC levels that regularly test around 15% to 18%, it also has a CBD content of 8% to 12% which is higher compared to other strains. This makes it both an impressive recreational, casual, and therapeutic smoke.

Users could consume it as a recreational strain and enjoy it with friends. After all, it induces an uplifting buzz that enhances the mood; making it fit for a brunch out with friends. One could also use it alone for its wake and bake qualities, inducing a productive high that not only enhances creativity but also improves productivity. Simultaneously, it is also helping patients dealing with certain mental and physical health issues.

Its sought-after abilities can be traced back to its lineage. From Luca Brasi, it gained its analgesic properties as well as medicinal qualities that help manage symptoms of mental health issues. Meanwhile, LA Confidential contributed to the mix by adding a calming effect.

Information About Lucy Strain

ORIGINLuca Brasi and LA Confidential
EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
Focused – 9
Happy – 8
Uplifted – 8
Euphoric – 8
FRAGRANCEPine, mint, herbal, woody, earthy
FLAVORSEarthy, woody, pine, herbal, minty
Dry eyes – 10
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Seizures – 2
Pain – 1
Stress – 1
Inflammation – 1
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORLate September to mid-October
THC CONTENT %15% to 18%
CBD %8% to 12%
INDOOR YIELD9 to 18 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD18 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATECool climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Lucy delivers a quick-acting high euphoria that instantly improves the mood. It instills a sense of happiness that leaves users feeling uplifted, upbeat, and ready for the day as it clears the mind. It refreshes the mind so thoughts ebb and flow into ideas smoothly. Casual users will find that the mental clarity help will help one throughout the day.

Lucy Strain Effects
Lucy Strain Effects – Image powered by medicalmarijuanaoftucson.com

Compared to its cerebral onset, Lucy’s bodily effects take a while to start. However, once it catches up, it immediately relaxes the body. It kneads the muscles free of tension and tightness, bringing back the initial limberness.

With that said, the versatile hybrid is best used in the morning or early afternoon. It enhances the mood, raises motivation, and allows users to stay productive throughout the day. Using it at night is also plausible. With the right dosage, its deeply relaxing Indica effects could usher in a drowsiness that tucks one to bed.

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Refreshing notes of pine and cooling mint tantalize the senses at the first whiff. It has strong herbal undertones of hash with hints of wood. Breaking and combusting reveals its aromatic earth.


Lucy coats the palate with the taste of wet soil and wood. Further swirling the smoke in the mouth brings out its refreshing tinges of pine. On the exhale, it leaves an herbal but minty aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

The typical arid eyes and cottonmouth are two of the most reactions to smoking cannabis strains and it comes with Lucy too. To this end, users should stay hydrated by downing a few glasses of water as well as avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks that could exacerbate the dryness.


Lucy is a therapeutically enriched strain with CBD levels of 8% to 12%. As such, it makes for an effective source of reprieve from mental and physical affliction. Moreover, at this level, the long-lasting relief it provides could be an organic alternative to OTC medicine.

Lucy Strain Medical
Lucy Strain Medical

Its happy high reduces stress, hushes overwhelming dread, and eliminates worries. As an anxiolytic and anti-psychotic, it instills a calm disposition that helps users think clearly. Long-sufferers of depression may also find comfort in its ability to improve the mood and stabilize turbulent emotions.

The strain is also a natural painkiller. It soothes away aches and pains regardless of the cause, frequency, and intensity. Its efficacy is especially high when it comes to alleviating common aches and pains such as joint pains, arthritis, and headaches. Its anti-inflammatory abilities appease redness, swelling, and sensitivity that reduce pain in inflamed areas.

As an added bonus, Lucy also contains immensely relaxing properties that prevents muscular contractions. It could be used to decrease and diminish cramps, spasms, and seizures. Under the guidance of a health professional, of course.


Lucy exhibits Indica-leaning traits. It is stout with short internodal spacing as well as broad leaves which give it its foliage density. Additionally, it has an impressive immunity against common pests and diseases.

Lucy Strain Growing
Lucy Strain Growing

The plant will sprout and flourish virtually anywhere, but growers will have the most advantage indoors where it is quicker to adjust factors like temperature, lighting, and humidity. Provisions could easily be made to accommodate its different needs too.

Small fans could be situated so that it reduces the heat between the light and the top. A proficient ventilation system that will help circulate the air into the lower nodes. Meanwhile, switching to high-intensity lights during the flowering period will greatly improve bud production.

The Sea of Green setup works best with Lucy. It takes advantage of its short height and maximizes the space of a growing room. Gently coaxing the colas and bringing it toward the light. This helps develop its budding sites and shorten the vegetative phase without sacrificing yields.

Outdoor growers need not do much to get Lucy to flourish in gardens or farms. Due to its hardy structure, it adjusts well to the lower temperatures of the northern hemisphere. Cultivate it in a strategic area where it receives the most sunlight while also being kept away from intruders, nosy neighbors, and pests.

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Flowering Time

Growers can expect Lucy to produce between 10 to 12 ounces of buds per square meter. The wait is not long either with a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks.


Lucy blossoms around the last week of September to the middle of October. Once ready for harvest, it produces at least 12 ounces of buds per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Lucy? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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