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July 19, 2017 Maine

A lot of US states have already been on the verge of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. However, not all of them have been able to regulate the drug properly. Maine is a good example in this regard. This state has been struggling to regulate the drug properly since it was approved by voters back in November last year.

Last Monday, Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee of Maine met with the former marijuana czar of Colorado. The point of the meeting was to discuss Maine’s cannabis policies and how the state should go about drafting it.

Colorado already enjoys the billion-dollar marijuana industry. Andrew Freedman—one of the key players in Colorado’s marijuana industry—has also served as a marijuana czar for the state. As per the reports from NBC affiliate WCSH6, Andrew and the Maine Committee spent about an hour talking. They went through the data from the post-legalization time of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

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The findings revealed that adults and youths have not increased the consumption of adult-use marijuana after the legalization. According to WCSH6, nothing of a great statistical significance has been found as yet. WCSH6 said that they were concerned about the potential increase in the consumption, which thankfully did not happen.

Freedman warned the legalization committee that Colorado had to face major challenges when it came to banking, and that Maine could expect a similar fate. Colorado has to identify and combat the pesticides that could have damaged the cannabis crop. To cope with the matter, the state set up rules for homegrown adult-use cannabis. The Maine cannabis legalization committee was also told about the increased emergency room visits in hospitals. Most of the cases that came in had overdosed on the edibles.

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Maine plans on wrapping the work up by the end of this month, and have the regulations crafted for the public hearing. The hearing will take place in September. Public opinion is being welcomed by Maine’s agricultural and financial departments on ways to regulate the retail cannabis marketplace of the state. Public opinions are also being taken on budgetary and public health.

With all the effort Maine officials have been taking, hopefully, the state will end up with the best possible regulations for recreational cannabis.


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