January 14, 2019

January 25, 2018, Michigan

According to latest surveys, most of the Michigan population is in favor of adult-use cannabis. MMJ program has been running in the state for a while now and new data suggests that the support for recreational marijuana is also gaining momentum.

The new data has been gathered through a survey conducted by a local new agency. The survey was designed to get the opinion of the State’s residents on a number of issues that might become part of this year’s ballot, going to be held in November.

Among all these issues, Michigan voters have also been asked about the prospects of legalizing adult-use cannabis in the state. They were asked would they support the proposition of legalization in the November ballot. The response of the voters is broken down into three categories:

  • Around 57% are in favor of making adult-use cannabis legal
  • Around 37% have opposed the idea of legalization
  • The reaming 6% are still undecided on the issue
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A comprehensive analysis on the data has been done that infers some interesting points. For instance, majority of the residents who are in favor of legalization have Democratic leaning. 71% of staunch Democrat supporters and 67% of lean ones want cannabis legalization, while 51% of no-party supporters are also in favor.

Conservative voter base of GOP is the only stratum of Michigan’s demographics that has opposed the idea of legalization of recreational cannabis. But it is intriguing to note that the spilt among Republican voters is nearly 50-50. On the other hand, majority of Democratic voters are on the same page to legalize recreational marijuana.

The report has also shed some light on the aspect of personal experiences. 73 % of those who have tried marijuana, even for once, support the idea of legalization. While 51% of people who haven’t consumed marijuana ever are not in favor of legalization. This information concludes an important point that most of the cannabis opposition comes from the quarters who haven’t tried weed ever.

Flag of Michigan withMarijuana
Flag of Michigan withMarijuana – Image powered by

In Michigan, cannabis reforms have been experiencing a bumpy road for some time. For years, the MMJ program of the state had been running successfully, but last year local government decided to come up with new regulations and warned to shutdown all the MMJ dispensaries in the state.

After months of protests from MMJ activists, patients and business operators, the administration decided to allow medical cannabis dispensaries to function. Amid all of this, the possibility of recreational legalization remained a topic of extensive discussion. Even an attempt was made in 2016 to make adult-use marijuana legal. However, it didn’t see the light of day.

After that failure, the efforts to make recreational cannabis legal have gained more drive and marijuana advocates are trying their best to get the legalization question on the November’s ballot. If legalization bill comes on the ballot then—as per the findings of the recent survey — majority of the votes will be casted in favor of adult-use legalization.


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