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Do you have an amazing marijuana related product or brand? We can reach your target audience!

Robert Bergman’s “I Love Growing Marijuana” has attracted a large and loyal following of marijuana enthusiasts. Our fanbase consists of marijuana growers, users and enthusiasts, mostly located in the USA, Australia, UK and Canada.

March 2018 stats for

  • Total sessions: 1,165,843
  • Total pageviews: 4,313,911
  • Average time on site: 06:04
  • Bouncerate: 60%
  • User Locations: USA (70%)  |  UK (6%)  |  AUS (6%)  |  CAN (6%)
  • User Age groups: 18-24 (18%) | 25-34 (33%) | 35-44 (20%) | 45-54 (14%) | 55+ (15%)


How can we help you reach your marijuana related target audience?

The website attracts over four million pageviews monthly. What can we offer your brand?


Sponsored Blog Posts

Do you have something great to share with our audience? You can get a sponsored post. Make sure to actually teach our readers something, or tell them something new, cool or interesting about something marijuana related. Are you promoting a weed community? An information site? A smoking brand? Tell us how your brand or product has helped your users. Have you been in the news? Did you do something amazing? Do you have a tip or trick to share? We would love to hear from you!

These are the base criteria that need to be met before we post an article on our website:

  • The article size needs to be 800-1000 words.
  • The article needs to be original copy, no copied text.
  • The article needs to be informative and of value to the reader, no blatantly promotional/advertorial text.
  • The article needs to be written in quality English, we do not spend resources on correcting or redirecting articles.
  • Original, non-copyrighted imagery needs to be supplied along with the article.


  • Your article will be posted as author “Guest Post”, any references to you, the author, shall be made within the copy.
  • ILGM holds the right to decide category and datetime placement of the article.
  • ILGM holds the right to decline the article and reverse the deal with full refund at any time.

Rate indication: $500, depending on what you can do for us 😉 Contact us


A Product Review

Can we test out your product? We can try out anything related to marijuana. Smoking devices, social communities, grow equipment, protection systems….. The only condition are:

Robert has to like your product to be able to endorse it. If we think the product or brand makes no sense, then we cannot take your money. Sorry.

We need to be actually able to test your product at our office in the Netherlands.

A product review consists of a blog article on the site, describing the experience with your product. We can place any photo and video material as needed. Optionally, your product review can be promoted to our mailing list (over 250k subscribers), by internal linking from other relevant articles, and promoted on facebook and twitter.

Rate indication: $ 0 – $ 2.000, depending on what you can do for us 😉 Contact us


Dispensary Listing

For US and Canadian based dispensaries; we can list you under the strain reviews. Especially beneficial for online delivery services.


Do you have a REALLY cool product or brand?

We can do a full product or brand endorsement. This will only be possible if we LOVE your brand and product. Reach out, get to know each other, and lets discover if we are a good fit.

What can we do when we go all out?

  • Inclusion in the Marijuana Grow Bible, written by Robert Bergman. With over 600,000 downloads and counting, it’s a killer!
  • Inclusion in the weekly growers tips by email (over 250.000 subscribers)
  • Multiple blog posts and product reviews
  • Referencing and linking to your product in the Guides and Blog, where appropriate
  • Promoting your brand and product to our active grow forum members

Rate indication: on request Contact us for a custom partnership

Robert Bergman’s “I Love Growing Marijuana” is one of the best places to directly engage with your marijuana target audience

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