January 17, 2019

MARIJUANA – Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon):

Far more people use marijuana for recreational purposes, more than any other reasons. But ask them why, and many will say it is for some health reasons. Could it be true that marijuana does have medicinal values?

Since the ancient times, humans have used plants, different ones, for different ailments. As such, it also follows that cannabis, being a plant, do have benefits for medical marijuana users.

Unfortunately, not a lot of studies were made regarding the medical benefits of marijuana. Because of that, most of the claims are anecdotal and should not be considered a treatment. However, we also know of medicines made using extracts from these plants. For instance, the CBD content is useful and efficient in treating seizures and epilepsy.

In most cases, the use of marijuana results in either or both the mental and body high. Its effects can be gentle or intense, and exactly how it affects people depends on the type of strain used. For recreational purposes, among the top reasons include relaxation, feeling energetic, mental clarity, creativity, etc. And for medical uses, it is usually for stress or pain relief.

Until more studies can conclusively show how exactly marijuana can benefit people regarding health, activists will have to continue to struggle and lobby for its legalization.

The good news is that it is now being seen in a more positive light than in the past decades. So, in this article, one thing we are doing is to take a closer look at a book called MARIJUANA: Guide To Illness And Pain Management (Medical Marijuana, Pain Management, Cannabis, Epilepsy, Cancer Treatment, Chronic Pain), written by Mary Solomon.

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What Is Inside the Book?

Mary SolomonBefore buying anything, it is wise to check them out first. So, to have a better understanding of what the book contains, here are the individual chapters.

Chapter 1: Medical Use of Marijuana

Chapter 2: The History of the Use of Marijuana

Chapter 3: What is Medical Grade Marijuana

Chapter 4: Myths About Marijuana

Chapter 5: Varieties and Strains of Marijuana

Chapter 6: How to Purchase Marijuana

Chapter 7: How Does Marijuana Compare to Other Pain Medications?

Chapter 8: THC vs. CBD

Chapter 9: What Can Marijuana Treat?

Chapter 10: Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Chapter 11: Medical Marijuana and Mental Health

Chapter 12: Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy

Chapter 13: How to Use Medical Marijuana

Chapter 14: Side Effects of Marijuana

Chapter 15: Medical Marijuana – The Debate

Chapter 16: Marijuana – The Drug

Chapter 17: Long Term and Short Term Effects of Marijuana

Chapter 18: Some Health Benefits of Marijuana

Chapter 19: Medical Marijuana and State Laws

Chapter 20: 10 Pharmaceutical Drugs with Cannabis

Chapter 21: Medical Opinion on Marijuana

Chapter 22: Who Shouldn’t Use Marijuana?

The author is a health care provider and counselor whose approach to illnesses, suffering, and healing, is through a holistic means. Mary Solomon has had over two decades of experience and has also published books on other subject matters including other forms of healing methodologies.

In this book, she takes readers closer to understanding what marijuana is and how it is used in healing or providing relief. Furthermore, she also takes a look at the laws that govern its use. The book was written to be easy to understand, and after reading, readers will have fundamental knowledge to separate facts from myths.

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Who Is this Book for?

MARIJUANA - Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon)One thing to understand about the book is this. It is simple, concise, and meant for easy reading. Anyone looking for a more in-depth coverage with medical and technical mumbo jumbo will not appreciate the simplicity of this book. However, for most people who have a rudimentary or no knowledge of the subject matter, it makes for a great starter book.

One thing we did was to look at the reviews of verified purchasers on Amazon. Immediately, we noticed the few negative comments, and it reflects what we just mentioned. It is not the complete or ultimate kind of book that has all the information in the world packed into one book.

On the other hand, the strength of this book appeals to people who want to have an overview of marijuana and its use in medicine. As such, people who only need enough basic information will find it an excellent book.

Final Thoughts

MARIJUANA - Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon)The use of marijuana is controversial yet intriguing. While in some countries, the war on drugs rages on, in others, it is accepted. In the USA, recently, Las Vegas finally allowed stores to sell marijuana for personal consumption. The consensus is that even if it is illegal in the federal law, more states will follow suit and legalize its use.

With that, people must never forget the effectivity of cannabis such as pain relief for people suffering from chronic illnesses.

Here is a dilemma patients have to deal with.

A cancer patient who has no chance at all of surviving, with only months to live. Under constant medication and treatment, the disease has not only ravaged the body but is also causing unbearable pain. If cannabis can help alleviate the symptoms of pain, would it not make sense to provide some? The patient only has months to live, and yet comfort is denied because of old and antiquated laws and beliefs?

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While it is true that there are people who may abuse its use, governments today are recognizing addiction as a health problem, not criminal. As such, the expectation is that more areas will finally open up to the use of medical marijuana.

With that in mind, getting to know what it can do is easy with this book that is sold quite cheaply on Amazon. Kindle edition is only $2.99 while the paperback edition is $12.89. Buy MARIJUANA – Guide to Illness and Pain Management (Mary Solomon) Here!


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