Jenny Bloom

January 14, 2019

Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana, and this week, that law took effect. Although the celebrations have begun, it doesn’t mean you can walk out and buy some weed. If you want recreational marijuana first, you’ll need to grow it.

Legal, but not Available

Massachusetts Question 4 went into effect earlier this week, but sadly, many people will not be able to celebrate properly. Legal marijuana will not be available to adults 21 and over for at least a year. (If you’re under 21, there’s $100 fine.) This means, unless you are already smoking marijuana, you may not be able to start for a while.

Most Massachusetts adults will have to wait for stores to open before they can enjoy their new benefits. That means waiting for retail licenses and plants to grow and be harvested.

Home Growing Starts Now

There is another option. Adults 21 and older can grow their weed now and enjoy it before Spring. While the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security updates the police, these lucky pioneers will be enjoying the harvest of up to six plants.

There are, of course, some rules. A household can only have 12 plants, even though it is 6 plants per person. The plants must also be grown at home, not at someone else’s home or in a storage area. Plus, you must keep your plants out of site.

As lawmakers work out all the details, it’s a good idea to get your seeds planted now. There are some proposals to change the home cultivation rules, which currently do not mention where seeds can come from.

First on the East Coast

Since DC isn’t actually a state, Massachusetts is now the first East Coast state to allow recreational home growing. Nevada will become state number 7 on January 1st. Maine is doing a recount to make sure.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only marijuana law Massachusetts is first in. In 1914, it became the first state to prohibit marijuana. NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano celebrated the Bay State’s progress, saying, “After more than a century of this failed policy, it is time to bring prohibition to an end in Massachusetts.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Marijuana legislation can be complicated, but Jenny Bloom is always up for the task. Although not a lawyer, her experience as a reporter and PR specialist helps her understand legalese – especially when it relates to growing marijuana. A passionate supporter of legalization and home... [read more]


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  1. By TeddyR

    ,17 Dec 2016
    As of right now, you still cannot transport seeds through the secure areas of any airport, so we must drive out of Massachusetts or send out for them! My first shipment gives me enough time to set up a "grow […]Read More
  2. By TeddyR

    ,31 Dec 2016
    Seeds arrived safe and sound. Thank You!
  3. By Jake Little

    ,16 Feb 2017
    Hey Yall, but what if you have your medical card? Does the number of plants change?
    1. By Roy ILGM

      ,16 Feb 2017
      Hi Jake, not that I know of. 6+6 is the max
  4. By k smith

    ,06 Jul 2017
    what im reading is that you can grow in your garden but can not be visable from the air with the assist of bronoculars . This is about impossible.suggestions Please?
  5. By Me

    ,13 Mar 2018
    What is the penalty for growing more that 12 plants in a household

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