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August 03, 2017 North Dakota

Medical marijuana, just like pretty much anywhere else, has gained a lot of hype in North Dakota. There have been over a hundred businesses and groups that have come forward in hopes of being offered the license of dispensing and producing medical marijuana. Everyone has been making efforts in order to captivate officials of the state.

It all started in June when the Health Department asked if anyone would be interested in regulating the drug and taking part in the newly formed industry. Businesses had about a month to respond resulting in around 97 letters of intent that came forward. According to Kenan Bullinger, —Director, MMJ Division, Health Department—the turnover was far higher than what the officials expected.

Medical Marijuana Passed in North Dakota – Image powered by Massroots.com

With the number of interested applicants, it can be said with surety that every part of the state will have a medical marijuana dispensary. Medical marijuana was approved by the voters last year in November in North Dakota. The regulations for the industry were, however, crafted earlier this year. They were approved by Governor Doug Burgum in April.

The administrative rules have almost been drafting and will be completed soon. These rules will cover everything from lab testing to the transportation of the drug. They also cater to the security concerns that arise as a consequence. Once the agency is done with that, it will begin accepting formal applications from businesses interested in processing and distributing medical cannabis.

This process will probably begin this month, and will be different from the letter-of-intent process. Businesses that apply to take over the responsibility will pay a $5,000 application fee. This fee will be non-refundable. A new committee will be formed which is review the submitted applications. The committee will feature people with different backgrounds.

Marijuana – Image powered by Dailydot.com

A system is already under construction by the Health Government. It will be used to rank and score the applications. North Dakota is fortunate because it has a number of other states to follow. There have been several states that have a scoring system for rating applications.

Final selections will be made by the end of November. This means that there is a good chance of medical marijuana being available to the consumers in North Dakota by the end of this year, or the beginning of 2018 at most.

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  1. By Shena Cunningham

    ,04 Jan 2018
    You left out the part where the Attorney General fought tooth and nail to keep it off tge ballot in the first place. You also need to update. They are NOWHERE NEAR opening dispensaries. ND is nototrious for dragging its […]Read More

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