April 1, 2019

November 28, 2018, Michigan

Michigan is continuously moving forward with cannabis reforms. In the beginning of the month, Michiganders agreed to a proposal for legalizing recreational marijuana. State legislators have now approved a new set of regulations for Michigan’s MMJ Program. Among the new rules, the most noteworthy one is the permission to medical cannabis dispensaries for starting home delivery service. The new MMJ provisions have been approved by the state’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. This administrative body oversees the rules and regulations proposed by other state agencies.

The new MMJ rules are mostly related to legal formalities, which are already in place. But allowing delivery services to MMJ stores is indeed a significant revision. Medical cannabis dispensaries in Michigan will now be able to deliver parcels of up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana per patient. In addition, a deliveryman can only take 10 deliveries on a trip. People registered as MMJ patients with valid state-issued cards will only be eligible to call for home delivery.

Home delivery service in Cannabis
Home delivery service in Cannabis – Image powered by Cannabiscultureblog.com

With the commencement of delivery service, Michigan’s MMJ Program has become more accessible. Many patients living without caregivers will now be able to get their medication right at their doorsteps. Moreover, MMJ stores will be able to provide coverage, especially to far-off areas.

In retrospect, the approval of the delivery service is a landmark achievement for the medical cannabis community. Last year, the MMJ industry came under immense pressure from the regulators. At one point, the state administration even considered the thought of closing down all the MMJ dispensaries in the state.

Thankfully, the administration dropped that ridiculous idea. Some changes were made in the law, nevertheless. For instance, the word ‘dispensary’ has been replaced with ‘provisioning center’. Moreover, the state enforced more strict conditions for acquiring a medical cannabis license.

Recreational Legalization in Michigan

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Michigan is the result of years of relentless efforts from cannabis advocates. In the midterms, Michiganders approved the legalization of adult-use cannabis by voting ‘yes’ to Proposition 1. The legalization will go into effect from December 6. It has been reported that state prosecutors have changed their approach towards cannabis-related charges. Many of them have already started crossing out pending ongoing marijuana charges since they will no longer be valid after December 6.

Recreational Legalization in Michigan
Recreational Legalization in Michigan – Image powered by Weednews.co

It is important to mention that Proposition 1 doesn’t entail retroactive implementation and prosecutors are dealing with marijuana-related charges on their discretion. According to the prescribed law, prosecutors can consider the cases that have already been filed.

November Elections: A Good Omen for Marijuana Movement

In recent elections, three states implemented different cannabis reforms through a public ballot. Apart from Michigan legalizing recreational cannabis, Utah and Missouri have also entered the realm of legal cannabis. Voters in both these states have legalized the medical use of marijuana.

32 out of 50 US states have now given legal status to marijuana in some capacity, whereas federal laws still consider it a controlled substance.

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  1. By Dugg ,17 Jul 2020
    This info is getting pretty old. What are the laws on 7/2020? What are the laws for home grow?
    1. By Steven ,26 Aug 2020
      I'm with Dugg. What are the laws for home grown cannabis?

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