January 15, 2019

March 14, 2018, Israel

Vaporizers have existed for quite a while, but are still considered an innovation by many. Recently, vaporizers became a part of the news and for all the right reasons when Ministry of Health in Israel approved the use of MMJ vaporizers.

The development is unprecedented in its nature because Israel is the first country in the world to approve Vaporizer as a medical device. It’s the first time in history when paraphernalia has been recognized as a medical device.

This Tuesday Israel has given Kanabo Research, a Tel Aviv-based marijuana company, a go ahead to commence mass production of its MMJ vaporizer, with the commercial name, VapePod. Now, medical cannabis patients in the country can use this device to administer marijuana extracts.

This vaporizer is different from conventional off-the-shelf variants, according to Kanabo Research. VapePod is designed with the intention that patients can measure the doses of MMJ medications.

Ministry of Health in Israel Approves Vaporizers
Ministry of Health in Israel Approves Vaporizers – Image powered by Cannabiznetwork.com

Oftentimes, it becomes quite challenging for medical cannabis patients to administer the right amount of dosage for their given medical condition. For all those patients, this vaporizer is provides the much needed relief. The company thinks that their product will help streamline the administration of MMJ with the determination of accurate dosage, eliminating the chances of underdosing and overdosing.

Avihu Tamir, a co-founder of Kanabo Research, believes that approval of medical vaporizer is a momentous improvement for MMJ patients in the country. It’s interesting to know that Kanabo is a small-sized company founded two years ago. The company currently employs only 12 people but is listed among the 50 organizations in Israel that are taking care of MMJ operation in the country.

Means to administer MMJ has attracted a lot of interest of investors in recent years as more jurisdictions are accepting and recognizing the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. Some news reports mention that around $100 million have already been spent on the research and development of MMJ inhalers and other related paraphernalia.

Flag of Istrael
Flag of Istrael – Image powered by Leafbuyer.com

Israel is already one of the biggest centers of MMJ research and development. They also have a plan to export medical marijuana to the US in next few years. But there are reports that the current administration is trying to dissuade this development.

Prominent figures of the US’ medical cannabis industry lament the federal issues, which are denying the development of the multibillion dollar MMJ industry in the country. Even when MMJ has been legalized in many states, federal laws sabotage nationwide MMJ research. This unfair harshness and lack of intent has helped other nations like Canada, Israel, and Netherlands to control the helm of global medical cannabis sector.

In Israel, only flower-based MMJ treatments are allowed and this new development will further decrease any potential side effects of administrating MMJ. Even though smoking cannabis is different from tobacco, still physicians advise to avoid smoking even for therapeutic reasons. With the help of vaporizers, MMJ patients in Israel are now provided with a healthier option to administer their medications.

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