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August 02, 2017 Minnesota

Medical cannabis offers great therapeutic benefits, which is why the medical form of this drug has become so popular around the globe. So why doesn’t the US federal government lift the ban on medical cannabis? That is a question that still hides behind the shadows of the dark.

On the other hand, officials of different states are more liberal on the matter. There has already been a majority of the states that have legalized medical marijuana and are thriving with all the revenues the new industry is bringing in. Every state has its own regulations regarding the illnesses that qualify a patient for the use of medical cannabis. Post-traumatic stress disorder was not among the list of such medical problems in Minnesota.

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This was causing a lot of problems for PTSD patients. Fortunately, the laws have changed, and those suffering from PTSD can now get their hand on medical marijuana. This happened yesterday when the state expanded its medical marijuana program brought to life back in 2015. Previously, patients who suffered from chronic pains which were untreatable were allowed access to medical marijuana as a remedy. This resulted in thousands of contenders coming forward.

Officials are concerned that this might not be the case with PTSD being added to the list of qualifying diseases. As per the data revealed, there had only been 105 patients throughout the previous month who had registered themselves for the use of medical cannabis to treat PTSD. The advocates of patients haven’t settled down yet. They are pushing boundaries to add even more illnesses to the list of problems that qualify a patient for the use of medical cannabis.

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It cannot be said for sure whether there would be a lot of PTSD patients coming forward, but in either case, it is good to see the medical cannabis industry of Minnesota expanding some more.

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