March 8, 2019

September 06, 2018, Missouri

In November’s public ballot, voters in Missouri might get three different options to vote for the legalization medical marijuana in the state. The state administration has certified three different initiatives. All of them entail dissimilar approaches towards a legal and regulated medical marijuana industry. The opposition has one week to challenge the initiatives in court. Otherwise, they will automatically become part of November’s ballot.

It is important to mention that of these three initiatives slated for the November ballot, two are constitutional amendments and one is a statue. Jay Ashcroft, the secretary of state, has certified all of the three initiatives after verifying that each has acquired the required petition signatures from the voters. According to legal experts, it is now quite certain that Missouri will legalize the therapeutic use of cannabis.

Since more than one initiative is going to be part of the November ballot, therefore many people are confused about how voting and consequent approval will work out. According to the rules prescribed by the state constitution, the amendments always supersede statutes. So, if both amendments and the stature get the required number of votes, then the amendment with the most votes will be put into effect.

Missouri will vote on medical cannabis
Missouri will vote on medical cannabis – Image powered by Marijuana.heraldtribune.com

Lately, medical cannabis has been a popular subject in Missouri. According to recent public polls, the majority of voters support the legalization of medical cannabis. Therefore, there is a strong chance that all three ballot initiatives will succeed in getting the required votes.

All three initiatives entail the legalization of medical cannabis. However, they are different from each other on the topics of taxation, access, and use of revenues. Let’s have a look at some of the distinct provisions of all the three proposals of legalizing medical cannabis.

Proposition A: Officially known as Constitutional Amendment 2, this is the only proposal that entails the legalization of home cultivation. The amendment is backed and canvassed by a pro-patient body New Approach Missouri. The amendment puts 4 percent sales tax on dispensaries and also talks about implementing a seed-to-sale tracking system. Meanwhile, it also allocates a significant chunk of projected revenues to veteran and senior programs.

Missouri Flag
Missouri Flag – Image powered by Statesymbolsusa.org

Proposition B: Officially known as Constitutional Amendment 3, this proposal was entirely funded and supported by a single physician. The amendment entails highest tax rates for both businesses and consumers. It intends to put a levy of $9.25 per ounce of flower for cultivators and wants patients to pay 15 percent sales tax on each MMJ purchase.

Proposition C: This proposal has been drafted as a statute and backed by a cannabis advocate group Missourians for Patient Care. The statute proposes the tax rates as low as two percent. This proposition got the fewest signatures among the three.

Even after approval of these propositions from the voters, it will take considerable time to start on a robust medical marijuana program in the state. From licensing cannabis businesses to register physicians and enrolling patients, a lot of work will be required to make MMJ program a reality.

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