January 14, 2019

October 30, 2018, Missouri

Vote remains the essential element of any democratic setup and a basic right of citizens. Missourians are going to exercise this right on November 6th on various measures including raising the minimum wage and the right to use medical marijuana. It is important to note that three different propositions will appear on the ballot to legalize MMJ. Two of them, if passed, will amend the state constitution while the third one will result in creating a new statute. The state will take on the amendment that will receive the maximum number of votes. In order to know what you are going to vote for, here we will briefly discuss the major provisions of all the three measures.

Amendment 2

This constitutional amendment will legalize medical marijuana. Moreover, the amendment calls for taxing the retail MMJ operation at 4 percent. The certified patients will also be allowed to cultivate medical marijuana on their private properties. This measure is also called Veteran Healthcare Services Initiative because it proposes that the collected revenue will be used to streamline the health care facilities for veterans.

New Approach Missouri, an advocacy group, is spearheading the canvassing for this initiative. The group is a strong supporter of giving back the power to the patients from the legislature to decide the fate of MMJ legalization.

Missourians Elections
Missourians Elections – Image powered by Koamtv.com

Amendment 3

This amendment also entails the legalization of medical uses of cannabis. However, it taxes the strain at a higher rate as compared to the Amendment 2. The medical marijuana sales tax, according to Amendment 3, should be set at 15 percent.

According to this measure, the MMJ tax revenue will be used to set up a facility on researching the therapeutic attributes of the strain for intractable and chronic pains. Find the Cures is the group behind this amendment measure. The group also promises the voters that the implementation of this measure will also create new jobs for the community.

Proposition C

MMJ proposition
MMJ proposition – Image powered by Kttn.com

Apart from voting either Amendment 2 or 3, the voters will also be able to vote for an MMJ proposition. If the proposition is succeeded in getting a required vote, it will legalize medical marijuana with the tax rate of 2 percent. According to the stipulations of the proposition, the collected tax will be spent on the welfare of veterans and awareness regarding drug treatment and public safety. The objective of the proposition is to legalize the marijuana through statue with the room for future amendments in it. Missourians for Patient Care is the group at the help of canvassing and promoting this initiative. It is important to mention that the process of getting Proposition in the public ballot is relatively easier than to have amendments for the vote.

The approval of any of the above-discussed measure will result in the legalization of medical marijuana in the Show Me state. And with that, Missouri will become the 31st US state to legalize marijuana for its medical uses.

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