January 14, 2019

October 17, 2018,Utah

The ground support for medical marijuana in Utah is not showing any encouraging signs for the upcoming November elections. A recent poll suggests that the support for the MMJ legalization measure has dipped in last three months. The support for the measure is particularly affected among the members of Latter-day Saints Church. There is also a conjecture that the support is waning because of the announcement made by the governor and legislators to push for the legalization regardless of the outcome of Proposition 2.

Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics has recently conducted a poll that indicates that the support for medical marijuana stands just slightly above 50 percent among Utah voters. If we compare this with the results of a similar poll held in June by the same firm, there is a 15 percent drop in the support.

In the latest poll, 35 percent of voters still reiterate their strong support for Proposition 2. Meanwhile, 46 percent have opposed the measure and 3 percent of the voters still have to settle on their opinion on the measure.

The church doesn’t have any role

The church doesn’t have any role
The church doesn’t have any role – Image powered by Marijuana.com

There is a general perception that the strong opposition from the Church of Latter-day Saints has played a big role in eating up the support for MMJ legalization. Looking at the survey result without any context also suggests that members of the Church have changed their opinion regarding the measure in the last three months. The support among the church members has reduced from 25 to 11 percent in the time between June and October.

However, the members have categorically stated that the Church’s stance on the legalization of medical cannabis has nothing to do with their views on the issue. It is, in fact, true because the Church has been strongly opposing the measure from the beginning. However, the support among its followers has dropped in the last couple of months.

Reason for waning support

Reason for waning support
Reason for waning support – Image powered by Kutv.com

No definite reason can be put forward for the waning support for the measure. However, experts strongly believe that the masses are upset because of the state’s intent to bypass the measure to implement a tentative setting. The suspicion has taken its roots when the governor announced that with the help of state legislators a state-run distribution system and few cannabis pharmacies can be put into place.

It is important to note that such legislative settlement doesn’t provide any definite timeline, as it is mentioned in the measure. This announcement has disputed the position of Proposition 2. Many voters now think that it is futile to support the measure when it will eventually get sidestepped by the administration.

Many cannabis advocates are also wary of this decision. Founder of TRUCE, a cannabis advocate group, says that they can’t trust the government to implement the measure no matter how good its language is.

The support for MMJ legalization was highest at the beginning of the year when nearly 76 percent of Utah voters were in support of Proposition 2.

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