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October 10,2017 Louisiana

Carrying cannabis or transferring a criminal? Louisiana seems to fail to answer the question! While carrying cannabis, you cannot use purses or briefcases, but instead, need to use transparent trash bags. Also, cannabis should be carried through different randomized routes in unmarked automobiles. Louisiana also expects continuous surveillance!

There are a lot of regulations that need to be made in order to piece a proper medical marijuana program together in the conservative state. Patients that are eligible for the use of medical cannabis have to wait for ten more months before they will have access to the therapeutic drug. They have been waiting for two years already as medical cannabis was legalized here two years back. In addition to the cannabis access, facilities for the growth of cannabis are yet to be renovated, not to mention the dispensing pharmacies that have also not been chosen yet.

Each facility will undergo intense scrutiny. In addition to that, once the program launches, it will be reviewed in order to determine the chances of it continuing past 2020. It’s no wonder why Louisiana is considered a conservative state, especially when it comes to dealing with medical cannabis.

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The lawmaker at Louisiana did draw a framework back in 2015 for the drug, but it was tweaked a year later. The law will legalize the consumption of medical cannabis for a variety of diseases including cancer, seizure disorders, and cerebral palsy, among many others. Marijuana may also be made available in different forms including pills and medical oils etc. However, Louisiana does not approve any smoking form of cannabis.

Also, not everyone is allowed to grow cannabis. The Southern University and LSU Agricultural Centers are the only ones that have the authority to cultivate cannabis. Mike Strain, the Agriculture Commissioner, will be overlooking the process. According to the law, there will only be ten pharmacies that will be allowed to distribute cannabis to the patients in this state. These pharmacies will be chosen by a competitive bidding process. Every doctor that wants to recommend medical cannabis to patients needs to get the Louisiana State Board’s approval.

Both the Southern University and the LSU have opted for vendors for the production of the drug. It is expected that the growers will bring millions of dollars to the schools during the initial five years. The Southern University is on the verge of finalizing its deal terms.

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The Department of Agriculture has already issued 23 pages containing the rules that medical marijuana growers will have to follow “to protect the public welfare”.

The requirements for surveillance are quite extensive. There are specific guidelines about using cameras and where to place them. Furthermore, a backup generator is mandatory. Other key requirements include a tracking system for inventory, closely monitored transportation, and packaging that does not attract children. The lawmakers of the state have a clear idea how sensitive this matter is. It was evident when the conservative state only allowed a bunch of patients to use marijuana.

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