January 17, 2019

MrCool DIY Series Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (2nd Gen) with WiFi:

Two of the most challenging issues in indoor cannabis grow rooms are fluctuating humidity and temperature. A grow room, being a controlled environment, requires the right inside climate to ensure the crops thrive and grow naturally, as much as it can.

It is essential to provide adequate indoor humidity and temperature for the plants to effectively manage the indoor climate. It is important to note that the weather in the region must be factored in since the indoor environment relies on it as well.

While there are a few options to resolve indoor grow room climate issues, using a ductless mini-split heat pump can bring in several advantages that are not featured in other systems.

Proper indoor climate management enables growers to cultivate despite the weather outside. It also allows for a continual gardening all-year-round without waiting for the appropriate seasons.

Moreover, correct climate control management can help prevent molds and bacteria growth as well as pest infestations.

Indoor climate is managed by continually rolling the humidity and temperature to a suitable and beneficial point. It should be conducive to the development, growth, and production of the plants, similar to the natural environment.

Simulating the same climate often poses a challenge to growers.

Heating and Cooling Options

Maintaining a perfectly conducive environment is one of the critical tasks in managing the indoor climate. Having the appropriate cooling or heating solution is one of the determining factors for the success of the operation.

There is a wide array of heating and cooling systems out in the market today, with varying size, type, performance, and capacity.

In choosing a system, the room size must always be considered to get the suitable unit with the right capacity for space.

One of the most effective methods of controlling indoor grow room climate is essentially through correct air conditioning or heat pumping.

Naturally, excessive heat is a big concern in a sealed environment like an indoor grow room. In many ways, using heat pumps or air conditioning is a logical choice. Not only does it generate the proper temperature inside, but it also assists in exhausting the excess heat emitted by all the grow room equipment.

Ideal humidity and temperature can be more achievable indoors with proper air conditioning

Some growers go with window units or portable air conditioners to solve the air conditioning dilemmas of the grow room. However, what’s proven to be most useful are the ductless mini split systems.

Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless mini splits consist of one or more indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. These flexible AC units do not require any type of ductwork, making it easier to install without hiring professional installers. It is available in multi or single zone configurations and is suitable for all kinds of grow locations, especially if the grow space is detached from the main house.

Also, these systems work both as heat pumps and air conditioning solutions, making it more than ideal to effectively heat or cool the room despite the season or weather.

One of the powerful features of mini-splits, with its highly advanced technology, are its capabilities to heat up the room even when the weather outside drops to subzero temperature.

Furthermore, these systems have improved filtration technologies and far more environment-friendly compared to other systems. It has the ability not only to filter out airborne contaminants but also make sure bacteria and molds does not develop.

Finding the right system should be on top of the list to ensure the best growing experience for the growers without too much money, energy, and other resources consumption.
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MrCool DIY Series Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (2nd Gen) with WiFi

MrCool DIY Series Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (2nd Gen) with WiFiThe MrCool DIY Series 12,000 BTU Cooling / 12,000 BTU Heating heat pump is a mini-split, ductless system explicitly designed for Do-It-Yourself installation. No special training or tools are required to install this high-efficiency heat pump. It can be a complete set up in a matter of only a few hours without getting too HVAC technical.

The quality engineered unit come with a line set pre-charged with R410A refrigerant. The electrical connection features quick hook-ups. Simply follow the instructions for private installation.

The 2nd Generation Units comes with WiFi kit to control the unit via a SmartPhone app. A complete package cost $1599.99 at Growers House.

Installation kit inclusion:

  • Quick connect, 16-feet pre-charge insulated line set
  • Quick connect air handler wire to the condenser
  • 16 feet condensate drain
  • Installation plate
  • Clip anchor and screws
  • Remote controller
  • Wall sleeves
  • Quick connect sound tape
  • Line set wrapping tape
  • Operation and Installation Manuals


WiFi Control. Control the unit anywhere with any Apple or Android smart device and an internet connection. This DIY unit offers the integration of the MRCOOL Remote App. Use an Apple or Android smart device to adjust temperature, change modes, alter fan speed, and more.

Low Ambient Cooling. This feature makes this DIY unit the ideal system for greenhouses, server rooms, and any other application that requires cooling all year. It Cools down to 5°F.

Easy DIY Installation. Even without special equipment, tools, or training, this innovative ductless system can be easily installed. This DIY Series is specifically designed for easy, simple installation.

Two Way Draining Connections. This connection further simplifies the installation and adds flexibility.

Auto Restart. No need to manually restart after power outages. The unit features an auto restart to have it running again in no time.

Temp Compensation. In order to deliver the maximum possible comfort, this system constantly monitors interior air temperature. The temperature compensation technology helps keeps the room comfortable in any weather conditions.

Gold Fin Condenser. This condenser is painstakingly built to withstand long-term corrosion.

Quick Connect. The quick electrical connections on the unit make for a trouble-free attachment. It’s a feature many DIY users will appreciate.

Precharged 410 Quick Connect Line Set. One of the most tedious aspects of a typical heat pump installation is dealing with the refrigerant inside the coils. The 410 Quick Connect precharged line sets completely alleviate this major amateur installation obstacle in a single stroke. It takes only around minutes to get these unique line sets working.

Leakage Detection. An alarm will sound to alert the user if a low coolant is detected. This will prevent damage to the compressor while maintaining high air comfort. Refrigerant leakage recognition ensures the system remains efficiently operating without degradation due to undetected corrosion.

Sleep Mode. Easy to program mode promoting considerable savings on money and energy.

Louver Position Memory. The horizontal louver automatically moves to the same position as set last time the unit was turned on.

Warranty. 7-year compressor and 5-year parts manufacturer serviced warranty.


  • Model: DIY-12-HP-C-115A
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU/h
  • SEER: 17.5 SEER
  • Heating Capacity: 12000BTU/h
  • HSPF4: 8.20 HSPF
  • Indoor noise level: (Hi/Mi/Lo) 40.5/-/24
  • Power supply: 115,60,1 V~Hz.Ph
  • Min. Circuit Ampacity: 15.0A
  • Max. Fuse: 20.0A
  • Indoor Net Dimensions: 31.57×7.44×11.69
  • Outdoor Net Dimensions: 30.31×11.81×21.85
  • Indoor Packing Dimensions: 34.45×11.22×14.76
  • Outdoor Packing Dimensions: 35.43×13.58×23.03
  • Indoor Net Weight: 18.7lbs
  • Outdoor Net Weight: 65.0lbs
  • Indoor Gross Weight: 22.5lbs
  • Outdoor Gross Weight: 70.5lbs
  • Refrigerant: (R410A) 33.9oz
  • Piping Size: (Liquidside/Gasside) 1/4″-1/2″
  • Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Voltage: 115v
  • ETL Listed: Yes

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