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MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer

MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer:

Light is practically every plant’s best friend. However, plants differ in how they respond to the specific amount of light they are getting from their environment. While it is easier for plants to survive in their natural ecosystem, it becomes a challenge when plants are grown indoors in a simulated environment.

In the case of marijuana, it is not enough that the plant has access to any light source, but it is also just as important for it to be lighted within a particular period. Apparently, marijuana is sensitive to the light cycle in its growing environment. These periods are essential in stimulating specific growth processes that happen during the different stages of its maturation.

This may be less of our concern if we have the perfect outdoor condition for the plant to thrive. However, if the only option we have is to set-up an indoor grow tent or a grow room in order to cultivate the plant successfully, then providing proper lighting definitely becomes a tremendous challenge.

Nonetheless, it is possible to create the ideal growing condition by using and manually monitoring all the equipment running within an indoor garden, including the lighting setup. However, this can be a tedious task especially if a grower has other things to attend to. Fortunately, growers can always choose to automate the overall setup of the garden for convenience and accuracy.

Now, MyTouchSmart’s has an indoor digital timer that can pretty much do the job. The following sections of this review will discuss in detail the technical specs of the device and how growers can benefit from it.


There is no clear information about the manufacturer of this timer, but it appears as though myTouchSmart is a GE branded product. Nonetheless, this particular timer is distributed by Jasco Products Company, a leading developer and distributor of various products from highly recognized brands.

Key Features of MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer

As previously mentioned, accurate lighting is vital in ensuring optimum plant As previously mentioned, proper lighting is vital in ensuring optimum plant growth. Having said that, a timer that can automate the lighting system in an indoor grow tent or grow room can save growers the hassle and possible human error that are sometimes inevitable. So, let’s see if myTouchSmart’s timer can be much of any help to every grower’s need.


myTouchSmart’s Digital Timer has three preset times (5am-8am, 5pm-12am, 6pm-6am) that can save consumers from the hassle of programming the device. Unless, of course, if those presents do not coincide with one’s personal schedule. If so, the timer also has a full 24-hour countdown option that allows you to set a particular on and off time manually.

The majority of consumers over at Amazon do find these presents handy. However, the timer is only capable of saving one custom setting which means that it gives customers less programming options. Some consumers have managed to work their way around this issue though by setting the actual time on the device incorrectly to offset the presets. Otherwise, the device works great and seems to be working accurately.


The timer’s voltage compatibility is 125V, 50/60 Hz and is equipped with an additional polarized two-pronged outlet on one side. The device is also compatible with various light sources like CFL, LED, incandescent and halogen and electronic ballasts for grow lights.

The timer has an LCD display which appears to be just of the right size. However, one common complaint from consumers is the fact that the display is too dim which makes it hard to see what is on the screen under poor lighting condition. Nonetheless, the product boasts of a one year warranty which is a good thing considering that the product costs at least a little over $15.

MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer

The timer’s preset times are useful especially for consumers who have less strict scheduling to follow like a simple on and off time for lampshades, small appliances and the like. However, in the case of cannabis growers who are cultivating their plants indoor, MyTouchSmart is usable but not the easiest one.

Unless a grower’s lighting schedule suits the preset times of the device or does not need to have multiple customized times to be set, then this might work. Also, it is best to consider that indoor cultivation may require multiple systems that need to be automated. Besides the grow light, another equipment found inside a habitat is an electric fan, which is used to create a slight breeze.

On a more positive note, the manufacturer is worth commending for developing an accurate device and one that is user-friendly. There are still a few complaints, however, about the instruction manual being a little vague. Nonetheless, it appears that anyone can easily get the timer to work without relying solely on the directions provided by the manufacturer if one puts in a little more persistence in doing so.

Also, the issue about the LCD display being too dim to the point where some users would need a flashlight to read what is on the screen is just a minimal issue. Besides, as long as the timer is set properly, there is no need to constantly check on the display. So, that is just a minor improvement that the manufacturer may need to consider.

Overall, this timer looks efficient, ergonomic and, not to mention, fairly priced compared to other brands offering the same functionality and programmability.

Pass or Buy The MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer?

For anyone looking into purchasing a timer that is ergonomic and whose scheduling needs are not as complex, myTouchSmart’s digital timer is a good choice. It has all the functions that a timer is supposed to have and performs impressively.

However, if you are one who needs multiple custom settings, it would be better to invest on other timers like the Century’s 7-day digital timer which is more programmable. Buy MyTouchSmart Indoor Plug-in Digital Timer Here!